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Ascots anyone?

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Gentlemen, I have been thinking about occasionally sporting an ascot and I'm looking for some advice.  I've seen them from on older fellows and really thought that they truly looked classy.  I'm middle-aged and work in an artistic field so I think that I could "carry-it-off" but would only care to give it a try if it looked dynamic rather that peculiar.  Do you think an ascot could be an interesting alternative to a turtle-neck when wearing a sport coat or just a pretentious affectation?
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Dan, I think that ascots are great for very formal events, but in day-to-day, I think it's overkill. My friend donned one at a wedding (he was in the wedding, that is) and they pulled them off nicely. I think the alternative to ties, (if that's really the underlying question) is a variety of pocket squares. Breuer makes some incredible ones at around 40 dollars a piece, pique cotton. Sometimes the pocket square looks stuffy too, in which case it seems even a tie would. Remember, you can dress casual and still dress WELL.
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geez, that's a tough one. unless you are european, an ascot might make you look a little eccentric. if you are set on wearing one, i would consult Turnbull and Asser or Brioni in NYC for guidance; if anyone can dispense expert advice in this area, it would be stores like these.
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