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I'm in the prefer no lining camp. I love the feel of the soft wools against my thigh and the silhouette appears better.
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is Bemberg made from rayon?
So far as I know, yes.
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Thank you sir.
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I thought Bemberg was made from pressed cotton fibers.
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I thought it was synthetic.
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from some random googling: Bemberg is a fine cupro fiber, derived from the short 'linters' of the cotton plant.
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Thread resurrect. What about satin as lining?
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all of my pants are unlined.
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+1 aside from a pair of cream colored pants that I don't wear much.
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Originally Posted by stache View Post
Manton, is Bemberg made from rayon?

yes bemberg is made from rayon yarn.
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I use the same lining for the trouser that I use in the sleeves of the jacket. Bemberg Asahi. It is soft, light weight, supple, does not shrink, (very important) and holds up well.
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