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36 reg rtw online

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does anyone know a good online source of <US$600 36 reg suits other than ebay? i am in australia and the only choices are hugo boss and australian designer labels pretty much.
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www.fourinhand.com carries sizes 34 and 36 (i assume regular, but you'll have to ask) for right about USD $579 to $699. don't know anything more about the stuff, but people on this forum have bought shirts and ties from them with positive experiences. the guy who runs the store is also on the forum. brooks brothers (www.brooksbrothers.com) also carries 36 regular and short for their BrooksEase separates. $420 for the jacket and $178 for the pants. they have sales, sometimes as much as 25%, which might knock the BrooksEase suits down to USD 450 and bring the luxury BB suits down to just about $600. i'm sure there are more brands.
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why not some of the highly respected ebay sellers (one of my personal favorites is honest*goods ), as there are lots of great deals to be had-- saw this one today: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....48&rd=1
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Generally speaking, you can spot very few acceptable 36R's on ebay. Until recently Paul Stuart had on their website every size from 36S and up ( albeit for a higher price). Currently 38S is the smallest. I stocked 36R and 37S in THE PS sale. B
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