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I just bought a stock of tees in XXL from the Sunspel summer sale. They are not as nice fitting as in XL, but I hope they will shrink to a close enough fit without becoming too short. Otherwise I will have to hit the gym. ;-) I love the feel of jersey weave.

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I like them quite a bit. I like the fit, the style and the cloth they use. Much better than quite a few other polos I've worn in the past.
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What´s quality like in the 007 polo?
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I got one of the original ones a few years back...wear it somewhat regularly in the warmer months and its still going strong. No issues whatsoever.
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Do the Sunspel Riviera Polo ever go on sale? Where is the cheapest I can get these?
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Originally Posted by click here View Post

Do the Sunspel Riviera Polo ever go on sale? Where is the cheapest I can get these?

The seasonal colours (not black, white or navy) can be bought on sale from the Sunspel webstore. Sales are announced in their email newsletter. They occasionally offer free shipping.

Other retailers might discount the basic colours at the end of the season.
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I can get the Navy Riveria Polo delivered for about $125. Is that a good price?
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quality has really gone south with these. I have the navy Casino Royale, don't remember when I bought it, but it's been years. great polo, still looks and wears great today. I bought two more Rivieras - supposedly the same thing. very disappointed with the quality - they are thinner, with a looser weave, and made in Turkey now.
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I'm considering the purchase of a longsleeve purchase polo, it would be my first longsleeves polo.
I've seen the fitting on some tumblr and it's definitely what I would like.
I'm reading everywhere sunspel is very confortable, I can't wait to throw away my lacoste polo: are like a jail, even the italian fit version, those polo are out of style, I never had lacoste till 1 year ago but it's already enough for me.
Coming back to sunspel the unique thing I'm worring about is the recent quality of their production. As HRoi said, I also read they moved the production to Turkey even if doesn't appear on the label, it mean that they re producing there and putting the buttons in England. It wouldn't be a problem for me if are not produced in England if the quality would be the same, but I saw even some pictures and the new ones look very very cheap, fading after a couple of wash and so on.
By the way, I'd make a test buying some short sleeve polos first seeing now are on sale for 25/30 euros
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Originally Posted by Leonardo Da Vinci View Post

By the way, I'd make a test buying some short sleeve polos first seeing now are on sale for 25/30 euros

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Hi all,

Looking to order the Riviera but I am undecided as the size,my chest measure is 105 cm so please advice if must choose the L or XL size.
On Orlebar Brown Sebastian I wear XL.
Thank you !
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Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I was Googling around on this issue and wanted to add my 2 Cents.


I'm 5'10 and 180 LBS (on a good day).  I have a barrel chest, and I normally wear a Ralph Lauren "Custom Fit" large polo.  My jacket size is 42R and I tend to wear Ermenegildo Zegna suits. 


In order to save a little bit on those cost of these Polos (since they don't seem to be available stateside unless through Mr. Porter) I've picked up a few on e-bay.  The two "Large" polo's were "like new" and pre-washed.  The Extra Large one I just bought was brand new with tags and not washed.


Now that is all out of the way... the two "Large" Sunspel Riviera Polos were very tight and very short.  So short that I wouldn't want to raise my arms above shoulder level.  They are very clingy and have tried to stretch them out a bit to see if I could make them work to little or no avail. 


I figured XL must be my "true" size.  It came today, and it's the closest thing to a "Polo Nightgown" I've ever seen.  The lower hem practically dangles down to my crotch.  As I type this I have it in the wash and I'm trying to shrink it to see if that will do the trick, but so far I'm massively disappointed in these polos.  Lacoste also has sizing that seems "off" all the time, but this is taking it to an entirely new level. 


If shrinking it doesn't work I'm going to take it to the tailor and have them lop about 2+ inches of material.


I'd highly suggest not buying one unless you can try it on first and see how it fits you.

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I'll chime in for posterity's sake here.


I'm 5'8, 180lbs and have a 41" chest size. I'm a large in RL custom fit polos, which fit perfectly snug but not too much. I just bought a Sunspel tee in Large, which it says is appropriate for 41-42. I find it to be big on me and not fitted at all. I will proceed to intentionally shrink in the dryer and see if that works, or I may just buy a Medium to compare.


By and large, I am surprised that the material is not thicker. This is a tee shirt and not an undershirt I bought, and yet the cotton - while very fine - is perhaps a bit too thin to not be used as an undershirt. My $.02

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