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Sunspel Polo purchase?

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I am considering the purchase of the above mentioned Sunspel 007 polo and would like some feedback/advice from those who either own one or have some direct knowledge of it. What do you think of it so far (quality/feel/durability)? I've searched old threads and there really isn't much to be found, at least not enough first hand info to convince me to buy one yet....Thanks for any and all feedback.

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Love mine. Fit is great is you're slender/muscular. I had a seam come loose, but overall the fabric is nice.
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I had one too (long story involving the neighbors dog)- as said above- good if you are slim.

Note however that the blue one is sold out/back-ordered. At least as of last week it was/had been for some time.
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I emailed them last week, and the blue should be back in stock now. To those that have had one: I wear a Large in classic fit RL polos, and an XL in their custom fit, which would you recommend ordering from Sunspel?
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^Indeed! It's back in stock.

How tight do you want it? I'm ~41 in US coat size and wore a large.
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I take a medium in RL custom fit and it's somewhat loose without being overly baggy. The medium sunspel is about as tight as I can manage.
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CG and Leon, many thanks! I was about to order a large, but I am a 44-46 US. I think I will give the XL or maybe event he XXl a try.
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All the Sunspel comes up pretty small. I am a 42 chest (UK) and take a L in the Polos and tees and they come up reasonably fitted. Quality is great though.
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I might as well get on this how does it fit wagon since I've been considering as well.

Typically I wear 54eu or slim 44R jackets, but buy size Medium J Crew and Lacoste M (which at M, is baggier in the body than I like, although shoulders and chest are fine). I imagine I can't get away with an M in the Sunspel so L sound about right?
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Hey Guys....Thanks for the feedback. I e-mailed Sunspel about the fitting of the 007 polos and was told the XXL fits a 46" chest. I'm in that 48-49 range and probably won't take a chance given the cost of having to ship it back to England. Anway, thanks again....
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So I received my Sunspel polo yesterday. I must say it is easily the most comfortable polo I have ever worn. My experience is limited to Lacoste, Polo, RLPL, RLBL, Banana,Varvatos, and a few other randoms. Now that I have tested them, I think I am going to order 2 more colors.
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I enjoy mine. They're small, so all things being equal, go up a size. The cloth is very open-weave, so the shirts are very cool-wearing. Probably not as durable as pique Polo or Lacoste
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Originally Posted by leon12 View Post
I take a medium in RL custom fit and it's somewhat loose without being overly baggy. The medium sunspel is about as tight as I can manage.

Do you recommend sizing up on the Sunspel Riviera? I take a M in RL custom too.
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I found that they run pretty true to size but also shrink if you put them in the dryer at all, so I sized up 1 size and have had no issues (I'm a large in RL polo's and went with a XL for Sunspel). In fact, it's one of my favorite shirts for summer.
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Neo: when you say you wear a large in rl polo, do you mean custom fit? The measurements listed on their site say sunspel polos are 3-4 inches more in the chest than custom fit...
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