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Buying RL Polo Mesh Shirts on eBay

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I'm not exactly sure what topic this post should go under but here goes. Generally speaking, many of the RL polo shirts sell on eBay for ~$20 especially in lots of say 10 shirts. For example: But are they actually real? It is hard to believe, but if so, how can these sellers sell the shirts so inexpensively? Will/should these shirts look and feel like the same shirts you buy at say... Macy's? Thanks.
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Beware of buying Polo shirts on Ebay, Most are fake and people don't realize it. I would check outlet stores and end of season specials. I have bought the basic polo shirts for under $5.00 at work of my clearance rack. If you are looking for something special, let me know and I will see what price I can get for you and if you wait a while I can get short sleeve Polo's for under 10 bucks.
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I think there was a thread just a week ago about buying RL polos off of eBay. mrgoblueguy, I'm sure many people on this forum would be interested in this deal. With what kind of reliability can you get deals like this? What kind of selection? You mentioned that you get these from "work", so I take it you work at a RL retailer?
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I work in a store that sells these shirts. However, it takes quite a while before they are makred down that cheap. I think it is still a great deal even with the wait. I would be happy to try to take requests from members.
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Note on RL polo's on ebay... I know someone who works for RL and what happens is RL makes polo shirts for several different markets. Thus many of the polo's on ebay are in fact real, just not intended for the US market. the shirts for say, the singapore market, will sell for less - they may use a different manufacturer and different fabrics. the shirt is authentic, just not what you would get at nordstroms or macy's etc.
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I always had the idea that clothes in Singapore are quite (or just as) expensive. Even travelling third world countries in Africa, I found brands to be just as much over here. It's the same with Lacoste and the Peru brand. On my latest travel, I was really looking forward to picking up a shirt, but it ended up coming to about $100 cdn, the same price at a retail store in Toronto.
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