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what to wear with...

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i'm thinking of keeping a pair of: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....8168095 never worn seersucker, would do brown shoes, but shirt? light blue? what about orangish (i have a linen orange T)
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white or blue is the safe choice, i would think. even black could work, i guess. hmmm, i don't know about orange with blue.   when i played soccer as a kid back in the 80's, my team originally wore long sleeved, collared, orange jerseys (i believe with a single, white, horizontal stripe on the front) with blue shorts (of the short shorts version).  looking back, we all looked like idiots.
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I'm probably in the minority here, but I've always thought seersucker pants looked a bit odd when worn without the jacket. But maybe with leather sandals and a white shirt ...
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I would wear a Pink button down or polo. It is the hot color this season. And as for shoes, white or dirty bucks, cordovan penny loafers ( Alden cordovans of coarse. ) or black drivers. And it goes without saying but I will " No Socks". And yes, for you die hard prepsters, you can wear your coveted sperry's with the duck tape.
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Anything pale or pastel, pink would be my pick. Definitely not orange, unless it's like peach or something. Speaking of which... it's peach season. Time to gorge.
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thanks for the suggestions
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I would do brown shoes with a pink dress shirt and a green tie and you will be looking good. I plan on getting a similair pair of pants and a matching jacket as well.
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For a casual look pair it with a polo knit. How did you get the pants hemmed? That's important.
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i haven't kept them yet. they're pants in my inventory but would cuff them unless there's not enough room
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white bucks, pink button down... got any in 38 or 40???
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nope, 32 and 34 and i thought i had it in 36 so if the 34 doesn't fit, this thread might be moot
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