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Islam Took My Cat

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Not really, he sucked way before he gave himself to Allah. There was a period there that the greatest of great artists like Bob Dylan would have had wet dreams over (from ‘Mona…’ to ‘Teaser…’). This was the time where he adorned his head with a beautiful mane and sported a fully bearded face. He was untouchable. What a singer/songwriter and at such a tender age too.

He went downhill after ‘Catch a Bull at Four’ (his 4th effort during this time). ‘Buddha and the Chocolate Box’ was downright awful (with the exception of a song or two), and then he came up with a completely fucked up idea about some Pythagorean fantasy or some crap on ‘Numbers’. The album itself isn’t as bad as some claim but the concept behind it is one of the most moronic in the history of music. He wasted his prodigious talents on a few albums in between these and after. Finally, he succumbed to his half-assed efforts. He has got yet another new one coming out as Yusuf but I think he should have kept the guitar at bay like he did for all those years. It was for the best.

Anyway, what do you think of the cat that used to be known as Cat? What are your favourite songs and albums? Did you rally the streets and burn his material following his Rushdie comments? Do tell.
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He's always claims that his comments about the fatwa on Salman Rushdie were misinterpreted and that he wasn't condoning the fatwa but instead talking about the legal consequences of blasphemy under sharia law. I cannot, however, remember exactly what he said (or what he was quoted as saying) at that time. I can't really recall any of his albums except "Tea for the Tillerman", as the father of a friend of mine gave me an old LP copy a couple of decades ago. I still hear some of Stevens' songs played on the radio from time to time - Wild World, Father and Son, and others. Of course, quite a few of his songs have been covered by other artists, too.
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My older brother was a big Cat Stevens fan, and I often overheard him playing all of the early albums. I'm really not a fan of the 1970s singer-songwriter genre, but I guess Cat scored some pretty good hit singles. I like his cover version of Sam Cooke's "Another Saturday Night".

Never paid much attention to Cat's religious conversion, or the controversies that followed.
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What? Is this all the love that Cat Stevens gets? Wow! You might all be impeccably dressed but you could do with some help in the film and music department.
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And here I thought we had another one ripe for DT. Ah, well....
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I like Cat Stevens..

Great songs ,a lot of emotions..

Wild world is a great song..

And so many others..
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