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Originally Posted by 2UFU View Post
Sky Valet in DC did a good job. See the topy and sunken toe plate.

If you're in the Midwest, Cobblestone Shoe Repair in Chesterfield (not other branches) Missouri can do the sunken toe taps.
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I love taps. They extend the life of the shoe. What's not to love.
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Never put them on any of my shoes before, do they really make that much of a difference.

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Originally Posted by ljrcustom View Post
Never put them on any of my shoes before, do they really make that much of a difference.


If the toe area of your shoes tend to wear down, they make a huge difference.
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Originally Posted by Xiaogou View Post
If the toe area of your shoes tend to wear down, they make a huge difference.

not only then.

btw, i tried nearly every variation available. sunken is nice to have.

at the end of the day, there's no difference in functionality.
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I'm referencing following for other members in Belgium. I've been looking for cobblers in Flanders that are able to make flush toe taps but have only heard of one who does it. Haven't used him myself (though I know others can vouch for his work).
His website:
http://www.pauldascotte.com/ (pricelist: http://www.pauldascotte.com/Paul_Dascotte/Tarifs.html )
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Just put on toe taps yourself. Blakey or other brands.

You might need to trim the tacks with a pincers but it is not a difficult job.

On a double sole toe wear can look more pronounced.

There is no noise unless you are walking down a moving staircase maybe. Unlike steel heels which announce your approach.
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Good evening,


It's incredibly interesting to see the mixed views on toe plates and great to see the debate and opinions. I have seen some apm messages and to that point will say that we are a seller of toe plates and have been for many years. In a nutshell, toe plates will significantly extend the longevity of footwear and have been used for centuries in various cultures as there is no debate that metal will outlast leather or rubber soles. I cam about my business through a love for shoes and you will find residing in my wardbrobe; Jeffery West's  (many many many of them), Oliver Sweeney, Chruch's, Grenson and others to name a few. My role here is to inform fellow shoe lovers that toe plates are very very popular in this age and serve the same purpose as they have historically. If you enjoy the tap, or can live with it, there is no reason not to protect your footwear. If these statements do not apply, then you should steer well away and perhaps look at Blakeys Rubber protectors which will serve the same purpose lest the longevity. If you have found my comments helpful and are interested in acquiring, we have a good range available. You are free to visit us at the below links for metal and rubber protectors and would love to hear other people's comments on this great thread...






I hope this has been helpful.





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