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Originally Posted by bachbeet View Post
I agree with indylion. I have quite a few pairs and would never wear taps because of the slippage already mentioned and I just don't like that sound. I prefer the sound the leather makes.

Once you hit a nice patch of ice, your going for a ride!
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How easy is it to remove heel and toe taps?
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Metal toe tips are great, but getting them replaced where I am is impossible. So, I have started getting rubber toe tips built into the shoes I order. When they wear out, simply send to my regular cobbler who cuts a small Topy piece to replace the original rubber piece. Rubber does not slip, unlike metal, an added advantage. Metal looks better though
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^^^ You can still replace the metal toe taps with rubber ones, no? Is there anything special about metal toe taps that make your cobbler unable to replace it with cut out Topy?
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I was asking if it's possible to remove them, not replace them.
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If the toe tap is inbeded in the toe, it can not be removed. You will have to have the shoes resoled. I use metal plates on my heels and I use nails to attach them. they can be removed.
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Would you know if these are inbeded? http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/...0,0,0&format=0
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On my John Lobb , i had to pay a fair amount to have them done through them...
I love them and especially the clic noise on the pavement...
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Originally Posted by Florian Gray View Post
Would you know if these are inbeded?
They are simple add ons, will leave nail marks and possibly a minor indent from the pad. I would think those pads change your gait slightly, and cant understand. But then again Ive never understood the stuff you see on TV with plastic covers the couches either. Ive found the to taps to be increasingly important the thicker the soles are, due to stiffness of several layers the tips wear faster and harder in my opinion.
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These are added, they will leave nail holes behind.
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Originally Posted by aybojs View Post
Where can someone purchase toe taps at an affordable price?

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Originally Posted by Florian Gray View Post
How easy is it to remove heel and toe taps?

Stupidly easy. Pulling a thin nail out of leather.
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I've been using plastic heel taps and Topy soles ever since getting my first pair of good shoes. The only exception to this was when I was in Denmark, where taps seem to be unheard of.
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A steel toe tap put in by a true cobbler will be screwed in and not nailed. And if done properly, the cobbler normally takes the equivalent of the tap's thickness off the sole. because of that it will be very easy to take off the toe tap, but at the same time very damageable to the sole..........
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Some pictures:

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