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Do trousers look stupid without cuffs..

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Today I'm wearing these Paul stuart tan colored trousers. I really like them. They have double forward pleats. Unthinkingly, I asked the tailor for no cuffs, because I figured they were tan/khaki more casual trousers. However, I generally think no cuffs looks best on flat front and/or narrower leg trousers. These are neither. I kind of look down at the trouser on my shoe and feel like I'm in 1975. Thoughts? Is this an acceptable look?
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In france, most people don't wear cuffs, pleated pants or not. .luc
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I do not like cuffs in my pants, period. I like them flat front, un-cuffed, with on-seam pockets. As plain as possible.
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I tend to suggest that all my customers put cuffs on pleated pants, especially when they are lighter weight fabrics, which will then help with the drape. You probably do not have enough length now inside the pant to apply cuffs. Here are some remedies, go back to your tailor and see if he still has what he cut off, my tailor usually keeps his waste for a period of time for this situation. He can then add a false cuff. If he left enough up inside, he might be able to perform the same task. If he is a good tailor he will be able to help you, if he looks at you with a blank look on his face, move on. Also, I might always ask your tailor to save for you what he cut off and store it for some future repair.
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So how is a false cuff attached? Just a single layer of cloth,sewn on the pant with a rolled top?
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I will try to explain it the best I can. Whatever fabric is available, either from whats left up inside or from waste that was cut off and recovered is formed into a cuff. This cuff is attached to the bottom of the pants at the desired length. Usually alot of visual foolery is performed depending on how much material is available. Have your tailor show you how it will be performed to get a better idea of the actual operation.
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