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Having a hard time deciding between some Seikos....

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Well my last watch finally died and now looking for another one :-). Was thinking this time an automatic with an orange dial, divers style with bezel (Since I really would use it when diving :-)), and bracelet (not a fan of rubber straps...though canvas might be a nice accessory change for later :-D) Right now Im back to being a poor student, so I can just buy one watch :-p

My wrist is approx 7" diameter, and I would think the ideal size would be between 39-42mm, but I guess the new trend are ginormous 44-50mm watches...

So here are the candidates:

Seiko Orange Monster
This guy seems to be everywhere, a bit larger than Im used to (I think 44mm, 47 w/ crown). This one has quite the following on Watchuseek, then again, probably most if not all automatic seikos have a following on there....

Seiko Seiko5 line, SNZF49K1 - aka Monster-Lite/Neo Monster
A bit smaller than the monster at 42mm (46mm w/ crown). To me it looks cooler with the black outer ring and day/date. But since its a seiko5/not sold in the U.S., I would have to get it via grey market - but what are the chances I actually need to use a warranty on a dive watch? (*knocks on wood*). It's also lacking a screw down crown, but considering its rated at 100m, and hopefully Im not in an incident where the crown/stem can get bent - I think I should be fine :-D I'm also a sucker for clear case backs.....

Seiko SKXA61 - Orange Knight
This one has been long discontinued. Though if I look hard, and willing to spend a bit more cash I can find them - probably used though. This one looks a bit more "dressy" than the others. Was thinking if I got this one, it wouldn't stick out as much as the other two if I wore it with a suit to an interview...Thinking more about it, if I was to go to an interview, with an orange face watch would probably be a SF Interview attire no-no? Perhaps better choice for a multi-occasion watch would be the black (or white) version of the Knight, but I just have this itch for an orange dial watch :-p. ...Oh and theres that issue where you just can't change the bracelet with this model, but the bracelet is ok (though could do without the shiny links)...Size: 42 mm (w/o crown), 45 mm (w/ crown)

^ On a 5.25" wrist ^

^Black and White Knights - really like the texture on the dial.....maybe another time ;-)

Seiko 7002
Was thinking, I could go somewhat vintage with a 7002... 43mm without crown. I like how the crown is at 4 o'clock, but the date seems really small...:-/ That, and I'd probably want to get another bracelet for it, not a real big fan of the jubilee bracelet that came standard on some of these....

Right now, I think Im mostly between the Seiko5's Orange Monster-Lite and the Orange Knight...The Orange Monster-Lite looks cooler, but kinda wondering how it would look in more formal situations...the Knight, looks "classier" I guess you could say...especially so in black...maybe the Orange Monster-Lite now, and later (perhaps much later) a black knight? ;-)...decisions decisions....

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!,

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I like the orange lite the best, but more for an everyday casual beater. I really don't consider most diver-styles to be very dressy, especially orange ones.
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I think they are all ugly.
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I am a fan of the Monster. But I prefer the Black Monster; there is a PVD version of it available as a gray import which looks rather amazing. Not dress watches though by any means. I'd never wear my Monster (or ANY diver including all Rolexes and Omegas) with anything too dressy.
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Is this your only watch? If yes, go with a black, white, or silver face. The orange face is hard to wear with clothes. I think Seiko auto divers are all a great value. 7002s are fabulous watches for the money. I recall that you could get them on oyster style bracelets.
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Do not like most but the black face. If you want to go with a diver, I would (I did) get the skx009.

With whatever strap you like.
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Well thinking more about it, my dad has two Rolexs he wants to pass down to me (his dad gave them to him), so I guess I have the dressier side covered. So I guess I really just need a daily beater... this watch would fit the hole of daily beater, but should probably get a black/white/silver faced watch for practicality...perhaps the financial aid gods will smile down upon me in the near future....
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Just buy them all!
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They're Seikos - they have no soul.
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They're all terrible!
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The Monster lite has an odd looking dial, IMO. I have the black-dialed version of that watch and it doesn't match up to my Black Monster. But you can't go wrong with any of them, really.

I haven't had any problem with grey market Seikos in the past. Better yet, you can save a few more bucks by buying a nice used one. Try the Seiko Citizen Forum. I bought a Seiko Boss (SKA293) there a few months ago for about 25% of retail. You would have to use magnification to tell that the watch was not new. The kinetic watches don't get a lot of love on there but the thing I like about it is that you can put it in a drawer for a month, and then just put it on and wear it. No resetting like with an automatic. That is something to consider if you don't wear the same watch every day.
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Ghastly! All of them.
Don't do it.
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the black faced one gets my vote
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I've been planning to buy a Monster for the gym. I voted, but let me add that I would do a rubber strap.
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None of these are very SF-approved. But if this is your style I would go with the "orange knight". You probably will get tired of an orange watch within a couple of years, especially if you lurk around here. The orange knight hasn't the character that the others have but in the end you won't get tired of it as fast. And yes, Seikos have soul. It's just a little harder to find that's all.
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