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Help With Colors

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I'm having a hard time finding shirts that look good without undershirts against my skin tone. I have pale skin, freckles, reddish hair, and blue eyes: I have white, pale green, and some other buttondown/polo shirts, but they make me look washed out- so I always have to have an undershirt. Color coordination is not my thing, so any help is appriciated. -Chad
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I think red is the last color that you'd want to wear. I had a girlfriend with coloring similar to yours and she avoided wearing red at all costs. Just as wearing green brings attention to my greenish eyes, wearing red brings attention to your red freckles My first thoughts for you would be earth tones (to pick up the warmth in your hair) and medium blue (to bring out your eyes). There are supposedly rules but people can break them with success if they are careful. I find trying things on or even just holding them in front of me in the mirror tells me quickly what works and what doesn't.
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i have similar skin tones and blue eyes, and i wear pretty much every color. just wear what you want with confidence. if you dont think it looks good.. then don't wear it. currently im wearing a lot of seasonal colors.. yellow, lavendar, lime green. if you aren't sure, ask a woman-friend for suggestions... but don' rely completely on their thoughts.. try and figure some stuff out on your own based on their insight. also, i don't have a link handy, but on, andy goes into detail on color coordination with skin types... if you can dig it up, that might lead you in a direction to get started.
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Stand in front of a mirror and hold the garment sideways with both hands. Then lift the garment under your chin and pull the ends up to the top of your head. Once you have surrounded you face with a color it will be easy to see if it works for you or not.
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