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Lots of valid points here. I too got a little push back from STP for returns, in the form of withheld deal flyers (although I was more like 30-40% returns for a while). I have filled my closet with good Isaia, Belvest, Corneliani, and Testoni goods from STP, but it is not easy. When one drops $1K on a suit or $300 on shoes on line based on a tiny picture or general description, the company must have a generous return policy to remain viable. It's not like we're buying underwear or a fleece jacket here. So sometimes I have to buy two sizes in something just to make sure one fits. Calling their Customer Service reps in advance doesn't help, since they simply read the catalogue description along with you and can only guess on the rest. Think about it. If one were to see all the STP items in a store and try them on, what would the return rate be? I know mine would be zero because I could assess fit, color and style BEFORE I buy, which is impossible with STP or most online firms. To me, when I open the STP box it's like I walk into a store to try on the item for the first time. If it doesn't work, then I put it back on the rack, or in this case back in the box.

So I get the various viewpoints, and would challenge someone who returns nearly everything to choose another merchant or do a critical self-assessment. But STP would do well to give anyone a final warning if their return rates were becoming unacceptable, AND hire some staff who have the depth of knowledge of the items they sell in order to give us better buying guidance in the first place.
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75%??????????? If I were STP I would have shut customers off at at 33% (and even that is high).
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I got this one too, I am so bummed! I have totally loved STP, but like jhcam8 said, the sizing is inconsistent, and reading about a product is not a replacement to trying it on. They stopped sending me coupons too. How does this read to you guys?

Dear Maggie,

I am writing again to address your level of dissatisfaction with our products and service as evidenced by your consistently high return rate. As you know, we contacted you on 3/28/2014 regarding this issue. However since then your return rate has continued to exceed 60%. At that time we asked you to use our customer service department for sizing recommendations and additional specifics regarding the products you are interested in.

If you haven’t been in touch with our customer service department, I encourage you to call, email or use our 24/7 online chat to contact them. Did you know 9 out of 10 customers get a live person on the phone within 30 seconds and on-line chat is staffed 24/7? Our representatives are highly trained and always helpful. From sizing to product specifics, they can answer any questions that may be lingering before you purchase an item. Please use these tools to help guide you into the most confident purchase possible.

Unfortunately, if your return rate continues to be high, we will have to assume that we are unable to meet your expectations, in which case it may be best for us to discontinue our business relationship. Obviously, this is not what we want. We want to work to maintain our relationship. Please let us know how we can help.

If you have questions about our return policies, feel free to contact me directly.


Lee Macias
Account Relations Specialist
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Sounds reasonable.
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