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I'm trying my best to find a certain panhandle slim shirt for my wedding, the description is Style # 2252337 Women's embossed leather look Ladies LS Retro with embossed leather look embroidery on front and yoke and cabellero cuffs triple snap placement down center front 65% polyester and 35% rayon Nstural color with gold embroidery...thenly size [url] carries is small & xtra small I need a large. anyone have any ideas??? I can't get an answer from Panhandle slim...Ive mailed them twice.
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i have 2 that i love.
this is my short sleeve

and this is my long sleeve

love em both.
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Off topic, but this Rby45RPM Eastern shirt looks fantastic. I wonder if they make a raw model, instead of hand-distressed. I have my own hands, TYVM.
Men's Hand-Finished Denim Eastern Shirt $319.00
Our take on the classic Western Shirt, which we have renamed Eastern for it's simplified lines and detailing, is made of 100% organic, hand-picked Zimbabwean cotton. Each shirt is hand-distressed with other details including ebony and turquoise snap buttons. This piece wears incredibly well over time, becoming an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Comes in two colors: indigo blue and suminando. Please refer to denim care instructions. 100% cotton.
As far as Western shirts in my wardrobe, I've got a vintage Levi's western shirt, a RA*RE flannel western shirt, the Nudie Gunnar denim western shirt and a few Diesel WS's that fatigue the eye. Do cowboys wear socks? No, right?
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I found a vintage Lee shirt with metal buttons (metal! I know!) in red and blue checked at Goodwill the other week for $2. It needs some alterations but in general it looks pretty damn good. I'll post pictures when I get home this evening.
I love the western-style shirts but they are difficult to find. BBW is the only brand I've seen that I like because they're so nice and understated. The "cowboy shirt" thing is on the verge of being a major hipster trend right now and it will just look so terrible if it's nothing but gaudy plaid prints from Urban Outfitters. I've gotten all of mine at vintage or consignment stores (although BBW has theirs on sale for $69 at the moment). You can find them at thrift usually all mixed in with the regular LS or SS button-ups because the employees usually don't know what they are.
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Here's my favorite western shirt...I have a number of vintage Levi shirts, but this is my hands-down favorite...the color, the snaps, fits me perfectly...

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shorty long, excellent find. I like the wrangler-style off-center pockets. As far as hipster trend, they've been around a long time, even in hipster circles.

I used to have a pendleton wool western shirt that was a perfect gray/blue/gold plaid, but it fell apart and I've been on the lookout for a similar shirt since. I know there's always a few on ebay, and they pop up in thrifts, but they're usually huge/disproportionate/shrunken/bad plaids.

DDML, how do you like the nudie shirt? What do you wear it with?
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SM; I wear the gunnar with my canes (my everyday jeans). I treat it like a light jacket, in this weather, I've been throwing it over whatever else I happen to be wearing, whether it be collared shirts, t-shirts, tank tops; in this heat, I cuff the arms and leave it untucked and unbuttoned. I keep it in the back of my car for when the need arises. It's good for gardening----keeps the sun off.
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I picked up one of the rag&bone western shirts from that shopjake sale the other week and its pretty awesome.
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The 45RPM one is pretty damn nice, no way in hell would I pay that much though :P
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I cuff the arms and leave it untucked and unbottoned.

I could see that working. The shopjake price is tempting...
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The western shirt has just become a classical style that is even better now that it is out of fashion.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy
I love western style shirts, both vintage and designer remakes, both of which fit much better than, say, Lucky Brand ones. My favorite shirt is actually a "western inspired" Brown Prada stretch poplin number, with the cruved chest pockets, and 3 button cuffs. I really like the Cotton Poly shirts from the 60's and seventies, which are comfortable, look good, and can be exceedingly durable. And I've always had a thing for pearl snaps.

I think that western and military inspired styles, will never be completely *out*. The popularity might wax and wane, but they will always be staples.

I guess that's it for SF. Anyway, I know exactly what you are talking about with that Prada shirt. I had the same thing in a forest green. I really liked the design too, but the polyester aspect made me sweat like a farm animal. therefore i don't recommend anything that isn't 100% cotton. as for western shirts that I own, and recommend:

raw Lee repro from aeroleather is amazing
gucci tailored has great buttons that don't snag on my facial hair
built by wendy wrangler repro is well designed and light-weight
newish Levi denim is a great standard, albeit boxy fit
45rpm distressed denim western is great, but expensive
japanese wrangler western from aeroleather are wonderful, but size up
rag and bone short sleeve western is a great find, more conservative
rogan's earlier (made in the usa) westerns are cool, avoid anything new
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I was quite impressed by the these reworked shirts when I saw them:

Might bust out my machine and try it myself if I can source a few decent pieces from somewhere.
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