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"What is 'disappointment', Alex?" I took and passed the written test at a cattle-call audition here in Boston 5 years ago. I then progressed to the practice game session and did well enough with the buzzer and questions but had an idea that I wasn't winning the personality test. There was a woman on my panel who was very animated (inappropriately so, in my opinion, as if she were auditioning for Let's Make a Deal) and perhaps in response to her hyperactivity my demeanor became very reserved--not to the point of catatonia, but enough, I believe, to disqualify me. In any case, I was told that I might get a call within the next year about being on the show, but the call never came. I got a "souvenir" ballpoint pen, a certain amount of highly transient adulation from my colleagues at the office, not to mention the privilege of adding this story to my repertoire. These are all very well, but as for a fast track to wealth and fame, I'm in dire need of a Plan B.