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I'm still at 16, but my TMLewin blue pinstripe is wearing thin..when it goes I don't intend to replace it this year, as I'm hoping to buy a small batch of bespoke shirts next year - if I need them..

ATM I'm at home a lot and just rotating 6 rtw shirts (TMLewin, 4 Thomas Pink, 1 Charles Tyrwhitt)smile.gif
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About 170 give or take:

75 Charvet (Paris bespoked and RTW)
22 Turnbull & Asser
13 Hermes
12 Pink
9 Kiton
7 Fray Neiman Marcus
3 Hilditch & Key (sp?)
The rest nothing of note like Banana Republic.
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6 Brioni / Brioni Sport
1 Borelli (didn't like it)
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3 Sonera (nice)
2 Isaia (also nice)
2 Hawes & Curtis (cheap)
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About 25 business shirts I think.  I get all my shirts laundered and ironed (a habit that began when I was a bachelor because I was so slow at ironing, and which my fiancée has not dissuaded me from keeping) and so it's cheaper to get that done in bulk, hence I'd often have 10 or 12 or even more shirts go off, and come back a few days later and needed to still have enough shirts left that I wouldn't be stuck without a basic white or basic blue or without a more interesting shirt if that's what the occasion called for.  Plus probably a half dozen good non-business shirts.  Many of the "business" shirts are perfectly wearable with a sports jacket and pants or jeans, so I don't feel the need for a large collection of shirts that I can't wear to the office.


Most would be Rhodes & Beckett, Charles Tyrwhitt or Hugh & Crye with a few individual shirts I've picked up various stages from the likes of Canali, Zegna and Ferre.  At some point I should probably step into MTM shirts but having found some good OTR fits I'm not too fussed about that.

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chijen you inspired me to actually take a look at what I have to some degree. So here it is:

Isaia- 111
Kiton- 45
Borrelli- 9
Truzzi- 6
Fray- 5 (I don't like the NM version with the flaps on the bottom of the shirt
Finamore- 2
Marol- 1

I have sold a lot of stuff and plan on eventually getting rid of more shirts as my wife thinks I have too many.

I think everything going forward will be bespoke or MTM as I have specific needs verses catching something at a good price.

chijen, your Charvet collection is very impressive.
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Porkpie, I love Isaia collars. Maybe the best collars of any shirt I have. Also the ones I have you have to be very fit to wear, like a TF suit.

I have very mixed feelings about Fray NM. It's clear they set out to make the world's best shirt. Something that NM can place on their top shelf next to Kiton & Charvet. Kiton handwork with Charvet pattern matching (Charvet is still way better at it) and prices to match.

The main problem with Fray Neiman Marcus is that they are ugly. I've never gotten a compliment wearing Fray NM and it's very easy for me to get one for how I dress. I've actually gotten a compliment for the regular Fray BG shirts. The big buttons on Fray NM shirts are also annoying and difficult to button. The Fray NM fabric are pretty awesome though, just ugly. I have one that is 100% cotton that you would swear is 100% silk. I think Fray & Neiman Marcus were just trying too hard and it just didn't work out.

I think I'm gonna wear Fray NM tomorrow just to prove that point to myself. Thanks.
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I love the collar on Isaia shirts and I love their color combinations. I know a lot of people on the forum don't do much with the colors, but I do. Very similar to Kiton they embrace color. Kiton's big advantage is handwork and exclusive fabrics that you won't see anywhere else. When the fabric is gone for a particular shirt it's gone and you won't see it again or anywhere else. Kiton has a ton of collar options too, but you only see those if it's MTM etc.

I have a ton of Isaia, but I was told by a reliable source that they (Isaia) have taken a step or two out of there process (shirt making) that was previously done by hand. Not saying that a good shirt requires a ton of handwork, but just stating what I've been told.

As for Fray, the collars at NM were awful. The one I have from NM is a solid white and I need wear it. Everything else came from BG in NY or Stanley Korshak in Dallas. I was told that BG and a am weren't carrying Fray anymore. I am pretty sure that Stanley Korshak isn't carrying them anymore also. NM picked up Alessandro Gherardi shirts in place of Fray from what I was told. Stanley Korshak has started selling Gherardi shirts as well. A birdie told me that the guy who rep'd Fray is now with Gherardi. The only store I know of that sells Fray is Trillion in Palm Beach.

I plan to check out Charvet, but I only want bespoke. I want to look at all of the famous fabrics and pick from there. That's going to require a trip to France. So for now my favorites are still Kiton and Isaia with an occasional other brand (Borrelli etc). Going forward though most will be bespoke.
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I gotta add this, Finamore makes a GREAT shirt. I mean a GREAT shirt . I only have two, but they are awesome. Marol as well, but most of the time when you see a Marol shirt they are decked out with weird collars/designs. If you can find a normal pattern Marol, it's an excellent shirt as well.
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Originally Posted by Porkpie View Post

I plan to check out Charvet, but I only want bespoke. I want to look at all of the famous fabrics and pick from there. That's going to require a trip to France. So for now my favorites are still Kiton and Isaia with an occasional other brand (Borrelli etc).
If handwork is important to you Charvet may disappoint.
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You know that has been my main hesitation, but there are so many people on the forum that love and adore their shirts that it make you want to try them. I like Lorenzini shirts and they are machine made, but you are correct. That's a nice piece of change to pay and then be disappointed. I like the movement of handwork in a shirt, but as I have read in other threads it's not the be all end all.

What brands do you wear Tried & True?
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Originally Posted by Porkpie View Post

What brands do you wear Tried & True?
Charvet for the last ten years or so and Turnbull &Asser for around ten years before that. Over the years I've tried Dunhill, Battistoni and a few others as well.
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Porkpie, based on what you own and what I have experience with, I would say Charvet is at the opposite end of your taste spectrum.

I have Kiton and Isaia, but I have never loved Kiton or Isaia. The Kiton colors especially are too earth tone for me and the un-dyed buttons annoy me.

I have always loved Charvet. I can never have enough Charvet (shoes, slippers, pajamas, pocket squares, ties, polos, suits, cuff links) and plan to keep buying over the next 30 years until I reach 500 to 1,000 Charvet shirts.

Of all the brands I own, Hermes is the biggest disappointment. Their shirts, although Made in France, pretty much suck, but their ties (although nothing special in construction) always gets a compliment. Always.
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My mistake above, there's no such thing as Sonera. It's actually called Sonrisa. Not bad, pretty good for the money.
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chijen (& Tried and True) very good points about Charvet. Chijen you are dead on about earth tones. I absolutely love earth tones so that may be a big draw towards Isaia and Kiton. I will eventually try Charvet as it gives me an opportunity to try a different end of the spectrum. My closet is starting to look similar so I look at Charvet as an option to broaden the spectrum. So I definitely think trying them out and placing an order of about 5 shirts soon and giving something new a try. I could use a little change up.
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