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I have 125+. Absolutely no justification for that.

To make up for that I just ordered 12 more. Stupid behavior.
When you are addicted then you are addicted!!!!!
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18-20 here. Point collars and button downs. + 6 short sleeve button downs. I need more colours though. I have various shades of purple and burgundy, plus I've just ordered my first green one. And I'm considering more green and perhaps orange or pale yellow.

Actually the large numbers make sense. I feel like I don't have enough. Perhaps when I reach... 40
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About 25, 10 of which I wear more casually because of fit or some other issue.
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Originally Posted by TEPLimey View Post
I'm the same way - but instead of replacing them, I'm having my tailor fit them.

While the offending shirts (Jos. A. Bank) are hardly creme de la creme, spending $10 to have an otherwise good shirt fit perfectly is better than shelling out $40 on a new shirt that doesn't.

The ones I'm replacing don't just fit poorly (for a while I wouldn't admit to myself my neck was really that big), they're also hideous colors and fabrics. I can't justify spending more money on something already ugly. My plan is to wear them on my next vacation; after wear, I'd leave it behind at the hotel room and now my suitcase has a bit more room for new stuff.
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Way too many
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
Way too many

+1. And I just ordered three more.

I tried a lot of stuff before I realized my tastes are pretty simple. Give me some solids and blue stripes in semispread and buttondown collars, along with some tattersalls and other seasonal shirts, and I'm happy.
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I make do with a single shirt.

- B
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I have only about 20 and all of them are used in my regular rotation. I need a heck of a lot more since I can't find enough time to launder and press all of them.

I'm trying to used George Costanza's clothes rule where you have so much that you only end up doing laundry once a year.

Plus, I'm also in the market for an armoire as I'm running out of space to put everything.
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Around 70. And just placed an order for another four.
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About a dozen whites, a dozen blues, and a quarter dozen blue striped. A couple ginghams for summer and a couple of plaids for fall.
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Who has time to count.
of course I know where to get a really good deal.

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about 20. i used to have more but have divested myself of a lot after joining SF. so now i'm going for quality+versatility+fit over quantity. have also put a freeze on RTW as i am in the middle of the great MTM experiment...
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Originally Posted by nordicstyle View Post
How do you decide what to wear? I'm not sure I would be able to deal with so many choices.

trust me, its hard.. especially when 80% or more of my sportcoats have strong patterns.. I have had many, many flaming fails on WAYWRN to prove how difficult it is.. lol
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
I make do with a single shirt.

- B

Amazing! I am assuming its a plain white and you photoshop colors and patterns in your WAYWRN pics?

How do you deal with soiling, since I assume you cannot wash it daily?
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