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I've got about 18-20 shirts. Mostly BDs. I probably only have a handful of medium spread collars, and no french cuffs.

Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
I've got 23 shirts in my regular rotation:

1. 10 OCBDs (5 sold blue, 5 blue striped)

2. 12 spread collar, French cuff blue shirts (6 sold blue twill, 2 light blue striped poplin, 2 dark blue striped twill, 2 light blue checked poplin)

3. 1 spread collar, French cuff white poplin shirt.

Do you regularly wear anything other than the OCBDs, though?
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Originally Posted by bobbers View Post
30 or so shirts total, 18-20 of which are in the regular rotation. Still in the process of replacing a few ill-fitting pre-SF shirts.

I'm the same way - but instead of replacing them, I'm having my tailor fit them.

While the offending shirts (Jos. A. Bank) are hardly creme de la creme, spending $10 to have an otherwise good shirt fit perfectly is better than shelling out $40 on a new shirt that doesn't.
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I'm probably at around 40 at this point (all Jantzen), and I just placed an order for 5 more. There are at least 5 in the current roatation that need to be donated/ thrown away due to wear. The mix is a pretty good balance of solids, stripes and checks, all worn with a suit daily.
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Dress shirts? Probably 75 to 80 or so.. I have pics somewhere that I posted in one of those "give me ideas for my closet" threads..

Found em'

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35 or so. But I use about 20. Some I had tailored to fit a bit better but then I put on weight. Slowly working my way back into them.

Mostly T&A, Truzzi and Lorinzini amongst others. I'd like to get more and up it to 50 but Lady C would not be impressed as I already invade her side of the closet room.
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20 Button Downs (Oxfords, etc.) 9 Spread Button Cuff 5 Spread FC Almost all acquired since I've been a member here (I need to stop).
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40 Shirts over here.
Going to unload 20 of them soon.

I have too much of everything.
That's why I joined the 'No Purchase Club'

I live in a 2 bedroom apt with my GF,
and the small bedroom is my 'Wardrobe' room.

She wants to marry me and have a baby,
so that means I have to decide my future;

a) Marrying / Having baby

b) Looking too good and being alone

Poor or not,
I am going to choose option A, no matter what joy my clothes bring me,
I would rather have a son or daughter to love.

I figure that the clothes, (and for women, the clothes, make-up, etc)
were all about 'attracting a mate' in the first place;
like a peacock strutting it's feathers.

Well, I have a mate now.

Exclusive clothes were always a dream for me,
and I have enjoyed some of it.
It's enough I guess.

After my upcoming 'Down-sizing',
my new policy will be
'Item For Item: Acquire a new item, let one Go' (sell or donate to Thrift store)'
This way, I'll still be able to enjoy Quality over quantity.

This question made me reflect on the 'Need vs. Want' criteria.
Good therapy.
Thank you for starting this thread.
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75 or so
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Maybe 15 dress shirts. Most of them are on the casual side, though. I really want to beef up my selection of plain blue and white shirts.
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I think I'm around 35 or 40. Some are seasonal (linen, linen/cotton, heavier tattersall) and some see infrequent use (formal shirt) which allows for storage. I think it's around the right number, although could probably go a little lower.
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About 25 in regular rotation. Space dictates that if it isn't worn, it goes bye-bye.

My oldest shirt is about 10 years old still going strong.
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I currently own 20 shirts, of which about 18 or so I use regurarly. 15 of them are H&M slim fit, which fit me very well and only cost about $30 each. The 5 others are various inexpensive brands. I threw out all my expensive shirts ($100-$200 range) as they didn't really fit me well (actually I didn't throw them, I gave them away). By the time the H&M shirts wear out I have hopefully lost enough weight and saved up enough money to justify some MTM or bespoke.
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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post
Dress shirts? Probably 75 to 80 or so.. I have pics somewhere that I posted in one of those "give me ideas for my closet" threads..

How do you decide what to wear? I'm not sure I would be able to deal with so many choices.
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35 or so dress shirts (almost exclusively meaning wide spread or cutaway - about 15 yr round, 10 for say mid-fall thru early spring (heavy twills, darker, more wintry colors, etc.), 10 for spring / summer / early fall. Variety of makers - abt 2/3 custom, some Borrelli, some Truzzi. I'm gradually moving to primarily custom (say over 75%) since I have very particular likes and dislikes when it comes to my work shirts (fit, fabric choice, bias cut split yoke, higher than normal collar, specific collar stiffness and size, tie space, side pleats, etc., etc., etc. - basically I'm a pain in the ass with my specifications.

25 or so casual shirts, mostly button down collars made from a variety fabrics (some oxford, some broadcloth / poplin, etc.). Variety of makers, probably half slim-fit RTW and half custom.

I'm also currently in the middle of an experiment to determine which (if any) of five online MTM shirt makers will be able to deliver a relatively well-fitting button-down shirt of good quality that includes many / all of the features I tend to like at a price of no higher than say $80 (with a hope for an average price below that). Basically, I'm hoping to figure out which of these shirt makers delivers the best quality / price ratio, with the most options for customization at a price of say $60-$70 per shirt - I'm just tired of paying $130+ for very nice, but casual shirts which I tend mostly to wear with jeans. I've chosen button-downs as I only use them casually and am less particular about these than I am about my work shirts, so am willing to forego certain of the must have features in exchange for significantly lower pricing. If folks have an interest, I would be happy to post results and a write-up once I've received and washed / worn five.
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I have 125+. Absolutely no justification for that.

To make up for that I just ordered 12 more. Stupid behavior.
When you are addicted then you are addicted!!!!
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