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***The Recession is over Spring Sale - geller, samurai, apc, rb, oc, rogues, etc*** - Page 7

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They're gucci 9 (which means nothing) but they actually fit a US 10.5 or narrow 11.
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The Common Projects still available?
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The navy blue ones sold but I still have a new pair of the white achilles size 44 chillin in the box for 210 shipped somebody needs to scoop these up asap.
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Jet, you need to 1) shrink and 2) sell me your Jil Sander cardigan.
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How many times have you worn the rogues gallery shawl neck pullover and what size are they gucci pebble grain shoes? Sorry i didn't read many of the previous posts. Thanks
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RG shawl collar is long gone.

Guccis are size 9, fit 10.5 which is what I am.

187, it's yours when you bulk up.
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what's the story on those bleached rescues? Did someone bleach them after purchase or did they sell some that way? I may be interested.
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The bleached rescue was an offering from apc a year and a half ago but I got the wrong size or I wouldn't be selling. They're grey despite the white balance issues in my photos, chrono has some bleached apc in a different cut from another season he had posted, the color really is nice they just won't fit me
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Payment Sent
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just wanted to bump this post to vouch for Jet...I placed an order for an item from this thread and it came quickly and ended up better than I had hoped.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
RG shawl collar is long gone.

Damn. Was just thinking of pming you about that.
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^ya man sorry

Thanks Kyle you're awesome.

*bleached rescues sold*

I wish I could edit the original post man. Going to add two pairs of apc boots both size 43, this weekend. One is sheepskin lined crepe soled buffalo boot which I had the crepe replaced last year by the best cobbler in LA which blew me away because it looked better than factory. They also replaced the insole, whole job cost me 120 man but it was worth it and they stitched it back together making future replacements cheaper. The second is a brick color suede boot with wood stacked sole been worn a ton but they look great with the age on them. Will take photos this weekend. Oh and also a fred perry charcoal lambswool made in england cardigan size 42, ridiculously warm and worn about 5x. This is it I promise lol.
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Jet, really interested in those APC boots. Was going to kop an APC parka today but I think I'm interested in your boots more.
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Dude, the boots get complimented all the time and I have shit that costs 3x as much. I like them and it's hard for me to let these go but I have so much stuff and these are my least favorite pairs because they've been surpassed by all my margiela shoes so bottom of the chain has to go. These two I keep going back and forth on though because they're such great daily pieces which is what apc excels in imho. If anything you and others will definitely get their money's worth because you will want to use them all the time.

These run a bit more fitted than normal 43 because of the lining but they are warmer than normal boots obviously, but not too warm. The crepe starts off immaculate but the second you wear them the dirt makes its way into the sole gradually (like clarks) to give the shit some character. When I picked them up from the cobbler they buffed them for me and I swear I was kind of blown away since they looked brand new again (sole and uppers). You'll see, these bitches were like 424 new but of course I'll offer them at a reasonable price (have not thought about price yet) if you give them a new home. In my opinion best soft sole boot apc has made, they tend to make a different version every year but apc employees at the store in LA when it first opened were pissed b/c they sold so quick and only one guy there was smart and bought them early. New sole has probably about 20-30 wears if that and plenty of life left. (this is if you're talking about these ones, I'll write a description for the suedes later).
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Was definitely talking about those ones. They sound absolutely awesome, but your shit is pretty much stellar all around so I don't doubt it. I'm a normally a 43 but if you fit in CP 43 I think it will be fine for me. If I can afford it I'll def kop pending pics. I saw a pair of APC lined leather boots on eBay and kicked myself for forgetting to bid, and yours sound pretty similar.
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