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ebay or gentleman's resale?

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I would like to sell some clothing that no longer fits. Any thoughts on which is the better place to consign them? Thanks.
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Depends on how much work you feel comfortable doing. Ebay selling is a chore, but nets you about 92% of the sale price after listing fees and final value fees and paypal fees. Gentlemen's resale is quite easy but will net you a much lower %. Ebay either sells or it doesn't, within the time frame of your auction. Then you relist or you don't. Gentlemen's resale has stuff on the floor for a much longer term. One other factor is the brand name. Certain brand names sell well on ebay; others that are just as good or even better do not. Research completed auctions involving stuff similar to yours, and you'll know what the market says they're worth.
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A third option is selling directly through the boards on AA and SF. This bypasses ebay fees and remains online for a long term. We are a small but exclusive market with an eye for quality, etc.
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Yea,so whatcha got??
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Three options - 1) brick and mortar consignment store 2) sell it yourself on ebay 3)have an ebay consignor do it for you. 1) advantages - takes the least work on your part as you just drop the item off instead of having to ship it, and a check shows up when the item is sold. Also, you can sell odds and ends that aren't worth listing on ebay. Disadvantages - in general the items are less likely to sell, take longer to sell, and you are going to get the least money this way (b&m stores usually take at least 50% and while they may initially ask as much for the item as an ebay seller, they very rarely can sell it for that much.)   2) advantages - you get the most money this way. Disadvantages - requires some equipment/software, and it is a lot of work. Also, 8% to ebay/paypal is an absolute best-case scenario. Only happens IF you sell the item quickly and are set up so that you don't have to pay extra fees for things like picture hosting, listing designer, etc. The percentage can get a LOT higher than 8%, believe me. 3) advantages - the item gets listed by a professional, who knows how to get the most money for the item, and how to sell it quickly. Your item is for sale in a global market, not just a local one. And ebay consigners generally charge the same rates as b&m consignment shops, even though there is MUCH more work involved in listing an item on ebay, vs. selling it in a store. Disadvantages - Ebay consigners are only going to accept premium items. You have to ship the item to the seller. And there are very few ebay consigners in the clothing category who know what they are doing. Edit - listing it in the buy/sell section is a great fourth option. Advantages - it's free. Disadvantages - As many members as there are here, it is still a very limited market, and a lot of items will not sell.
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And there are very few ebay consigners in the clothing category who know what they are doing.
The strongest argument against this option. Consignors are generalists; unless they have a specialty in better men's clothing, they often list it quite ineptly. Great for buyers, bad for sellers.
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