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Best dry cleaners in NYC?

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Any ideas? I've got one suit that I'd really like to give the royal treatment when it comes to cleaning. Preferably in east 50s or West Village. Thanks.
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i've heard about a place on ninth street & fourth ave. called chris french cleaners. rich folk from all over the city send their fancy stuff there - supposed to be the best.
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madame paulette is supposed to be the best. 65th and 2nd.
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I wonder if they do detachable collars?
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First place goes to hallak...hands down also not to be over looked is a place on lex bet 88-89th, i cant recall the name but very well priced not nearly as expensive as hallak a good ny mag write up a few years ago. have heard great things about mad. paulette and another place called amazin eds...but have no personal expereince. hallak is great but you will pay for the privlege. ps hallak does great on shirts but also about 4 or 5 bucks a pop
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I spent much time analyzing NY cleaners this summer. The two best are Meurice Garment Care (my favorite) and Madame Paulette. Both charge ~$5.00 for a regularly laundered shirt. For stuff that has no stains, Madame Paulette is very good, as they put your shirts on plastic hangers that are substantial, not those thin wires, and stuff the sleeves and body with tissue paper so there are no creases. However, I have been somewhat dissapointed with their stain removal prowess. I have had far more luck with Meurice in the stain removal department, and while their hangers are not as nice, they also stuff the shirt with tissue. Both cleaners will do free pick-up and delivery (as they ought to considering the outrageous prices). If you need items hand done, like a linen shirt (they won't regular launder linen) then the price starts at $20 a shirt. Also, I once sent a cashmere jacket into Madame Paulette for a cleaning (it had a small stain which they did remove), and in addition to cleaning it they repaired the lining which had ripped on the shoulder. They did the same thing on a shirt which had torn on the bottom. Whichever of the two you choose, you will get superior service.
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Recently, my housekeeper was away on vacation. I send some shirts Hallak as well as to a local dry cleaner. Requested that the shirts not be put in the dryer and also be hand ironed. All shirts came back looking great. Hallak charged $23 a shirt while the local dry cleaner charged $4.50 per shirt. I suggest that you try some local cleaners who do hand pressing.
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Hallak has been great with shirts, IMO. However, like seemingly any place, they redesigned the lapel roll on one of my (albeit lesser) suits. However, with time it has fallen back in to place, and I can't imagine what a shop without hand-finishing for suits would have done. Damnitall, I need a butler and valet. $23 a shirt.? wow.
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my experience with halak is they charge about 5 bucks a shirt. so i dont know where that price came from . More importatnly, they put in collar stays for you and dont fold the top button down -which drives me crazy on almost all other shirts...
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Yea,I agree-I HATE when they carelessly press a real nice Turnbull or Hilditch shirt and the inner collar band is rolled down over the button.The only solution is to re-iron or adjust your tie knot to noose-like tightness to overcome a poorly ironed collar.What really makes me crazy is when they iron toward the collar seam,so the material hangs over the border stitching and there is a crease in the material right before the collar point-exactly the most noticeable part of the shirt and they screw it up..I absolutely hate that-doesn't any cleaner care??
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literally hallak (and to some extent the hand press at galaxie on york and 82)-is the only cleaner which has not folded over the collar. worth every penny my "standard" cleaner --for cheap stuff-- asked me why i dont use his shirt service any more. I told him the above, he said try again. I did and now recieve a shirt pressed in the exact same way but with a plastic insert on the top button to "prevent" this....its funny but arnt other people pissed by this. I mean it makes the shirt look like sh--t. maybe thats why some get thier shirts folded
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I have to take a suit to a dry cleaner in NYC -- anyone recommend one that will be kind to my canvassed lapels and not screw my suit up?


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Hallak. Awesome service. Worth the expense.
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I have to take a suit to a dry cleaner in NYC -- anyone recommend one that will be kind to my canvassed lapels and not screw my suit up?

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Hallak. Awesome service. Worth the expense.

Do they iron down your lapels or leave them unpressed? I just looked up yelp reviews and its a bunch of girls sending ther wedding dresses there...
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Just called Hallak -- "we press the collars down to the first or 2nd button, and a 2-piece men's suit starts at $47 for dry cleaning & pressing"

There has to be a better place in NYC...
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