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jet is like that 'cool' kid in high school that follows all the trends and bases his personality off what is socially accepted. He hi-fives all his mates who do the same and keeping up his rep or 'street cred' is just as important as eating and sleeping. Anything that goes above him/requires too much thought/doesn't fit comfortably in his world (like the notion that he is wrong/people have equal and valid yet different opinions to his) gets met with 'stfu', 'thats stupid', 'ur gay' or similar. Jet will probably do the same with this post and think of it as a retort from me, which it isn't.
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I know this can't be good for my SF rep, since yours is about as low as it gets, but +1.
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I mean, i rock my white canvas joints with a bit of dirt here and there, but dragging them intentionally through puddles is really weird IMO.
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Xeno does your mother like you?

Cue "shut up xeno" glitter banner.
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Case in point.
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I try to keep my white low-top achilles clean but there isn't much you can do about the soles turning dark. The clean look is nice with chinos, which is how I wear them mostly. They don't get worn with jeans much.
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I washed the canvas Nikes/APCs last night, got most of the dirt out of them. Didn't clean the laces, those will get washed when I do another thorough washing in a week or two.

You can't keep these shoes 100% clean, an they will get less clean over time, but it seems like the best way to go is to make an effort to clean them, get rid of scuff marks and spots, etc. Avoid mud puddles and such.
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Originally Posted by centrix View Post
let them get dirty, i did that and they look pretty nice, but started to stink to the point i had to throw them away lol

Throw them in the washer instead?
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Originally Posted by bc78 View Post
Broken in. Ultra-white makes me feel self-conscious for some reason.

Same here. Ultra-white shoes just seem to scream "Hey, look at me! I just bought new sneakers!"...
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Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post
My personal favorite state is after they've been dirtied up a bit, then cleaned and re-laced. The lines around the sole, they've creased and darkened there, and under the laces have darkened but the majority of the shoe is optic white.
Right on the money.
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I have the canvass APC/Nike's too. Step one: Scotch Guard, its 2009 people. Keeps em clean and safe. Got the Scotch Guard cleaner at home depot. Canvass safe and keeps them lookin new.
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I want "safe" shoes.
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sheeeet, I always wear these joint with my white sneaks

keeps them safe and clean. I also got them in blue and red for when I want blue and red shooze
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Originally Posted by Bona Drag View Post
I just gotta say that broken in is what's up, but certain stains need to be rectified [ll] or the shoes need to go. I had half a birthday cake fall, upside down, on to my Authentics, after which they officially became the rainy weather kicks.

Yeah, some kid dropped a bowl of pasta on my Wally's years ago. Not white kicks, but those were ruined. Became the back up pair.

Beat up definitely looks better. I try to take a pic of newly purchased sneakers to compare before I wore em and after I trekked through the mess.

Just got a pair of white Givenchy highs from last season to beat up on.
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