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Can dry-cleaners press ties?

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Did something extraordinarily dumb recently: I soak-washed a number of ties. Now most of them are wrinkled and/or seriously out of shape. Is it ok to give them to dry-cleaners to press? Or is there any better way to fix them myself?
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I wouldnt reccomend it, it can flatten the lining, steam may help, but pressing is not a good thing. Maybe a bit of pressure on a utility press, but In order to save the ties, perhaps put them between two large books. (I prefer to let them sit for two hours, roll them up for 24, then press for 24 more.)
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I already tried a liberal amount of steaming, the ties are still in a mess. The wrinkles is one thing, how to get them to the proper shape is a bigger problem.
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Try tiecrafters. They work through certain dry cleaners, or you can mail them your ties directly.
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It is possible that either the silk or wool interior has shrunk or that both have shrunk but at different rates. Or the ties might just need a good pressing by someone who knows how to press ties so that they do not emerge flat as a pancake. Tiecrafters or the best cleaner in your area should be able to figure it out. Good luck.
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