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Beretta Sample Sale

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Beretta's hunting-inspired clothes are up to 70 percent off. When: 5/22-5/24 (9am-6:30pm); 5/25 (9am-5pm). Where: 560 Seventh Ave., at 40th St., second fl., 718-747-1656. Did anyone attend? I bought my dad a nice herringbone shirt last Xmas for $40. I saw the same thing in the store retailing for $165. Double-needle stiching but great fabric and interesting buttons for $40.
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I stopped by late afternoon on Monday. I thought there was a very poor selection. There was absolutely nothing of interest to me. I would pass.
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If only they'd put the 471's on sale.
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I went on Monday so my knowledge is dated -- a fair amount of outwear with an obvious hunting bent. They had some nice mocha colored husky coats for around $50, several sport coats for around $300 (Zegna fabric, some handwork in them), many, many hunting vests for $55. The occasional linen safari jacket for $300 or so. What else? Field themed ties -- dogs, birds, guns -- for $25. Nice pair of Paraboot chelsea boots for $99 in size 8. Good selection of sweaters in larger sizes only. Several lovely gun cases at 75% off. No smaller-sized shirts. A couple of smaller-sized sweaters. Lots of women's clothes. If your lady likes conservative stuff (think affluent Connecticut country woman look), then send here there. I picked up gifts.
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Picked up a real warm fleece thats lined for $25 bucks today and a killer set of $49 grips for my little 22 for $1......
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Is that an ankle piece?
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Nah, it's a 22lr kind of fragile, picky and not a lot of stopping power...Fun gun to plink with though and a nice last ditch pocket carry etc... I wear my Glock 26, or 27 on the ankle or my S&W 442....
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Nice I've got a glock 18 that I use for fun. Are you a cop in NY?
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Glock 18? I presume you've got a Class 3 license...if you're in the USA, that is.
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Rather more than that in the States...he'd have to be a Class III dealer, as there were no Glock 18's made before the ban in 1986. Regards, Huntsman
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My uncle runs a moderately successful gun store in the southeast US. Got it as a gift from him a couple of years ago. It's the 18c model, doesn't get as much attention as the 17 or the 24 but the full auto feature is unique (I think the speed is somewhere around 1200 rounds a minute). I'd like to get my hands on the 33 round mag and test on full auto but over the past 9 months I've been so busy with work I haven't had time. If and when I do, I'll take some videos of the gun in action, its a pretty impressive weapon.
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