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I honestly can't be sure of the retail cost as I was fortunate to pick this pair up off eBay.
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Well done
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Originally Posted by BlackShoes View Post
I think they might be Bowhill and Elliot, they have the same nail pattern as the ones I bought from N&L. Do you mind divulging the cost? They look great with the smooth trim.

They are not Bowhill & Elliott
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Originally Posted by crispin View Post
They are not Bowhill & Elliott

I think they are Broadlands - I just got mine after a minor DHL debacle and the heel looks identical. Mine look wonderful and I don't see any flaws. They smell like fresh glue! Hats off to the guys at Broadlands for delivering a great product on time. I do wish they included a shoe bag but that isn't a big deal.

I like the design but I think a higher vamp would be preferred for me to be honest, would make them a bit more versatile I think. At the least if I got another pair I'd ask them not to pad the "tongue".

Sooo, what socks do I wear with these & tuxedo - your basic black (silk) dress sock? How would you rock these with jeans or other pants?

Also should I put some kind of shoe tree in these? I don't want to kill the quilting but I don't want these to lose shape either.
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Congrats on your purchase.
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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post
Congrats on your purchase.


About sizing, I got 7.5F UK - they are still a bit narrow for me, I got some wide dogs, but the overall fit is pretty good. I guess my right foot is a little shorter than my left though! I normally wear a size 41 or 41.5 shoe so these run just a little small I guess.
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They'll no doubt stretch some.
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I also found mine to be rather small. I'm a UK size 8 on C&J last 341, but my Broadlands have been tight even in UK 8.5 ... so I've used trees to help stretching them slightly. It has helped.
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I just recieved a pair of black velvet broadlands slippers for a black tie event I have comming up. I emailed them stating I was a size 43 in EU sizing, and asked what UK size would fit me. They reccomended a 8.5 UK, so I ordered. When they came they looked noticably smaller, tried them on and they were very tight compared to my other shoes of similar slip on style (loafers). I emailed them and they insisted that they would stretch, not once did they suggest a return or exchange. Been wearing them for about two weeks now, still very uncomftorbale. I reluctantly ordered another pair in a size up, should arrive sometime next week. They're still resonably cheap at around $180 shipped US, so i figured it would still work out to be more cost effective than locally buying from S&W or Del toro. I just hope the size up does not cause more problems than its solving. Other than that, the quality is very nice, and once I get the size nailed, I can see myself ordering more. 

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Originally Posted by jjl5000 View Post

I ordered a pair for my brother which arrived towards the end of last week. Fortunately, I decided to order the slippers a half size up in the first place (thank goodness).

+1 on 1/2 size up.

I ordered Opera Pumps from them a couple of years back. They were very responsive to my emails and also emailed me with the progress. I did an outline of my foot as well and gave them my US size.

I find that the pumps are a bit snug (not tight). For me it is ok as I have low arches and slippers/loafer flop a little on me. The material of the shoe is the thinner patent and is very pliable. I only wear the pumps 4 times a year and they are soft so its no issue. If I had to do it over again I would have gone a 1/2 size up.
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I ordered opera pumps from them a while back and there were sizing issues; but not that they were too small at first but because they were too big! The thing with pumps is that they are meant to fit closer, etc so now I advise people to order a size or two down when ordering opera pumps (or indeed try a pair at C&J etc to find the correct size before ordering).

Here is my full blog on them:

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Dear Sir/Madam,
We are the manufacturer of the products you are looking or might be interested in.
please reply us back for further assistance. We have our company's online catalog with wide range of products related to your interest.
Daatas International 




4.jpg 77k .jpg file







1.jpg 39k .jpg file







2.jpg 51k .jpg file







3.jpg 64k .jpg file
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Is VAT taken out at checkout with Payal?

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Ive been been trying to get information about a this brand in Nashville.  Does anyone have any experience with this brand  I suppose they're new because I haven't heard much of anything about them.  They claim the slippers are made in Norwich.  Are there any other shoe makers in Norwich other than broadland? I'm thinking about buying a pair if its a strong chance their made by Broadland...

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Originally Posted by madhatter10 View Post

Are there any other shoe makers in Norwich other than broadland? I'm thinking about buying a pair if its a strong chance their made by Broadland

There is Bowhill & Elliott in Norwich, producer of slippers under their own name, as well as for numerous shoe manufacturers under their own name.

The chap who founded Broadland was for many years in a managerial position at B&E.
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