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Melwanis--Brea Mall

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On page 7 of the Business section of today's Los Angeles Times, there is a display ad for a firm called Melwanis in the Brea Mall in Orange County, California. They were advertising custom tailored suits starting at $800 and shirts at $95. I presume at those prices the actual tailoring must be done offshore. The name sounds Indian. Given the diaspora of Indian tailors over much of eastern Asia, that would mean the tailoring could be done in HK, Bangkok, Singapore or maybe India itself. (If the name is indeed Indian, might be Iranian or something like that, I guess.) Anyway, does anybody have any experience with this outfit? Are they worth checking out? If so, do you have anything to compare them against, e.g., how do they stack up against Chan or Hemrajani?
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There used to be a store of the same name in Desert Passages in Las Vegas... Anyone know if it's still there?
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The name is Indian - FYI, the guy who runs Sam's Tailor in HK is named Manu Melwani - perhaps there is a connection? Panzer
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