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Pdc vs diesel

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Okay, my friend and I are having a discussion for urban casual wear, which brand of jeans are better...... Diesel or PDC (Paper Denim & Cloth).  Can someone that knows explain the differences between the two and why one would be better than the other? And also, does anyone know in Toronto where you can get PDC jeans?
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LA Guy will weigh in on this one, but like Diesel shoes, Diesel jeans are EVERYWHERE. I've even seen construction workers wearing them. PDC are far more "exclusive". Their washes are more sophisticated, plus they're more expensive
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PDC are way better, I've seen them on Queen street (including Caban store, but not only there) and also on College in some italian boutique.
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I had to answer this one. I wear both Diesel and PDC jeans, and the PDC jeans are a lot better, in all respects: cut, details, and denim quality (the denim is soft, textured, and durable, all at the same time). They are also more exclusive, insofar as they are not as ubiquitous as Diesel. They are not much more expensive. In fact, I think that the high end Diesels are considerably more expensive than PDC jeans, which are more uniformly priced. I have say that my Diesels have held up remarkably well, but I haven't had my PDC's for as long, and so can't comment on how well they stack up on that count.
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