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Tennis shoes to wear with jeans.

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Hey guys, I was wondering what shoes you all like to wear with your jeans. I was looking for a tennis type shoe, like steve maddens or diesels. Any other good brands/styles out there? I'm not looking for something expensive (prada, etc), but around the 100 dollar range. Thanks, Aaron
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New Balance makes the best tennis shoes, but they're more for running and walking. A good casual shoe usually looks best when you're trying to dress a pair of jeans up...
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I like classic Pumas best. Lately, Asics, Adidas, and Reebok have also jumped on the retro bandwagon, with pretty reasonable results. I like the look of classic Converse, but they break down pretty quickly and aren't all that comfortable to begin with. Tsubo makes a good hybrid. If you need a designer kick, it seems that every major designer is taking his or her cue from the Jil Sander and Puma collaboration, although I personally think that designer sneakers are neither better made nor particularly better designed than their templates. There was actually a thread on this a while back. Maybe you should look to that for ideas.
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For around $100 you can buy a pair of previous season Prada shoes...
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I'm not really into the funky Puma look, here's what I'm wearing instead for the summer. They are classic Vans shoes. authentic classic slip-ons era-dogtown old skool Any of these sneakers really go great with Diesel's, Energie, PDC, ect...
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Energie also makes decent shoes. Too much people are wearing Diesel ones.
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