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Denim tailor, Sydney

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Quick question guys ... I'm looking for a tailor in Sydney to hem several pairs of jeans ... search function only came up with tailoring suits etc. ... can anyone recommend a place that keeps the 'original' hem?? thanks ...
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... Anyone?
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where about r u?

I live in the western suburbs. I usually use this Vietnamese tailor out in Cabramatta, he keeps the original hem for around $17-$20.
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If by keeping the "original " hem you mean using chainstitching, I am not aware of anywhere in Sydney offering that service. You could try enquiring at some of the denim stores. Aika in Paddington carrys Japanese denim so they may know of somebody. Are you planning to wear your jeans with turnups after they're hemmed? If not nobody is going to see the inside of the hems so what does it matter? Same goes for selvage denim as far as I'm concerned. If you're just looking for a general recommendation you could try Elim Alterations at Broadway Shopping Centre. I get all my hemming done there and I've never had a problem. Stay away from Argy's in Surry Hills though. I used him once - he wouldn't quote before doing the work, charged me an arm and a leg and messed up a couple of things to boot.
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I live in the south-west ... but anywhere like Parramatta, City etc. is fine with me ... with regards to chainstitching ... I don't understand the process all that much ... but I do like to cuff my jeans from time-to-time ... all I'm looking for, is a place that can hem my Nudies without me (or anyone else for that matter) knowing the difference?! I'm sure there must be other Sydney-siders that have had their jeans altered? Surely???
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I have the same problem too. Looking to hem some jeans without
It being noticeable and keeping the original hem.. Any info on where to
Go would be greatly appreciated !
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Go to Argys tailoring at Plaza in the city, they charge roughly 30 and do a great job, recommend very highly


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Strange you have had bad experience there, I have had all my tailoring done there for over 10 years and always great, but make sure you go to the one on Bourke st or at chifley not crown, a friend of mine found out the hard way that they are different businesses.

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Sydney really is impossible, sometimes. 

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