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Normally I follow Kent's method, but I sometimes fold the cuff in half before starting my roll to create a compact roll.
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On a historical note, if ladies were present (including his wife), my grandfather would leave the room to roll up his sleeves, then re-enter the room. A Victorian custom.
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faustian bargain: I attempted your method as I was quite intrigued by your description, however I found that the roll was not very secure because it lacked the assistance of the placket button. Is this intentional or did I simply not roll correctly?
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no, you probably did it right...it likely depends on how big the placket is relative to your arm diameter. it should work with the placket buttoned - my arm is a little too big for this to work comfortably with most shirts.
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As long as the folding ends above the elbow and is reasonably neat it works for me. Although when I am not in a hurry I try to be get both sleeves exactly even.
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Geez, you guys put a lot of thought into this. Depends on the shirt. I roll them as little as possible, but enough so they stay up.
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First, unbutton your jacket sleeves and roll them back one fold. Next, unlink your cuffs and unbutton the placket. Roll them back twice, so they are atop the jacket cuff. Wash hands. Admire yourself in the mirror, then close everything back up and leave rest room.
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I wear French cuff shirts all the time and I simply unfasten the links, undo the placket button, fold the cuffs back twice with the links left in. Never lost a link doing it this way either. In my view folding them back twice is a neat look. Cheers Stuarts8
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I'm surprised to see this thread, since I recall a thread from several months ago claiming it's gauche to roll up sleeves. Me? I've been rolling up my sleeves for the past 25 years anytime I don't wear a jacket. I usually use the triple-roll as Kent Wang does, but sometimes a double roll. My habit stems from my college days when I was pressed for time and threw everything into the dryer on "high", but I couldn't afford decent clothes or new clothes when my sleeves shrank enough to fit a mini-me. So I rolled up my sleeves to disguise the fact that they were too short. Now, even though my sleeves fit, it just doesn't feel right not to roll up my sleeves. Just call me gauche.
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