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Like someone mentioned, bluefly.com. Also if you have Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx (big city TJ Maxx are worth shopping at, but smaller city ones, like mine, aren't), try there. Things you'll need: Good black casual dress shoes. Skechers makes a pair I really like, they're pretty comfortable and stylish, I got them for 60 bucks. Nice black dress pants-THAT FIT-this one's pretty self-explanatory. Go with flat-front, obviously. I picked up a pair of Kenneth Cole flat front pants for 6 (yes six) dollars at Nordstrom Rack. Non-plain khakis. Get something with a pattern. Whoops friend's here, finish post later.
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Jeans by companies like Energie and Paper Denim tend to be more fitted around the seat and thigh than jeans from the Gap, for example. And design features like the flare on bootleg jeans tends to be more extreme. The real difference, however, is in the finishes. The "fade" on a pair of Paper Denim jeans, for example, is a lot more "natural" looking, more textured than Diesel jeans. The denim may have subtle tints in them that require an involved dyeing process. That is what is generally meant by more "sophisticated" - the increased difficulty of the treatments.
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Ah hah. Now I can see and begin to understand. I think. I just have to get my hands on a few of the labels you mentioned to really know what's happening with that wacky denim. Who knew it would be so varied. Well, aside from all of you fine folks. Thanks, Mike C and LA Guy.
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