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Dior/Margiela German Military Trainers

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Does anyone know where I could acquire a pair of the East German military trainers which "inspired" Hedi Slimane and Martin Margiela's recent signature shoes? Example here. They pop up on eBay every few weeks but never in my size (12UK/13US/46EU). If anyone's seen them locally or on the Internet at a reasonable price please reply. Surely there should be few stockpiles of them in army surplus stores around the world.
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if you go to berlin to the district around 'checkpoint charlie', there are not only vendors on the street selling authentic and surplus east german, soviet and other communist issued military goods, but a number of stores as well for footwear, though, i can only recall seeing all sorts of black boots and fur lined boots, never trainers .....
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The June 2007 issue of has an article about these sneakers being produced again by a company in Slovakia. The only reference is to a store at Tomorrowland in Shibuya, Tokyo

I would like to know where else they are sold!
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I know there is a guy on sufu who has picked those up for people. I think the price is around $80 with shipping, fees, etc
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Well you can buy Dior Homme shoes online at and since you are in Orlando you could go to a larger Saks that might have them.

Martin Margiela shoes you can buy on; but, I really can't help you with a Flordia store. I bought my at Barneys; but, I'm sure your Co-Op wouldn't have them.
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Would these ones do? I don't think he ships to the US but I can ship them for you if you're interested. Pm me.
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Not to give away trade secrets, but are you sure you're using the right words to search for these shoes (i.e. in German...)?
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I got mine from troph e shop. They were nice, but it's kind of a pain.

This thread is hella old. Nobody is actually asking thsi question anymore--v0rtrex's army trainers are probably worn out by now.
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I know the thread is crazy old but for anyone else. I got mine from here They don't ship to the US though. A sufu member helped me out back in december or something. With taxes, shipping to the person in europe, then shipping to you in orlando will cost about $85-95. Also, i doubt you'll find the real dior/margiela ones at Saks, Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus in Orlando. I live in orlando too some of the times (mostly in gainesville at UF but lived in orlando most my life) and i haven't been able to find great stuff at the malls, even the millenia mall. Sucks not having a barneys, but there is a very small barneys outlet at the Premium Outlets in lake buena vista that has some stuff on sale (the brands there change a lot). edit: damn you shorman
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Last edited by chronoaug : Today at 05:41 PM. Reason: because i hate shoreman

troph-e shipped directly to me, but the total price was pretty much the same as chron paid.
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if I remember correctly, I think I saw a couple for sale at American Rag here in LA. However, since they also sell vintage clothing, they might be a used pair (wasn't looking closely). But you might wanna give em a call anyways
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

troph-e shipped directly to me, but the total price was pretty much the same as chron paid.

Ooo I want a pair.

Do they speak english? because I can't read german LOL.

How do these fit? Size up or down usually?
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Does anyone still sell these? Looks like troph-e is sold out.

Sorry to be 3 years behind the curve.
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I was looking for these a little while ago too and couldn't find the surplus versions anywhere, either. Don't really want to spend $400 on the MMM versions. There was a guy in the buy/sell forum earlier this year who had a hookup in germany that was ordering them for people but he told me he doesn't have any plans to order more in the future.
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If you watch stores and scour the web around sales times, you can pick up the MMM's for not too much. People were buying them at an MMM sample sale for $70 last year and I recently bought a blue pair for like $120, and haven't ever paid more than $200 for any of my MMM bw's.
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