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I have two wallets: a black calf one from Cartier and brown suede one from Argentina (my everyday wallet). I can say with certainty that the $20 one from Argentina is 10 times better than the over $200 one from Cartier.
That doesn't surprise me. While many Argentine leather goods are dreck, as could probably be said of those from other leather-producing nations, the products at the top end are as good as anything in the world. I've spent a fair amount of time there, having returned most recently two weeks ago from a month-long trip. I always bring back plenty of leather goods. My favorite producer, Rossi y Caruso, has particularly high-quality products in demand by royal clients from Europe and Japan who visit in person. They also do custom commissions. King Juan Carlos of Spain had his luggage made here in a leather that's similar to Louis Vuitton's "Epi" leather. Their designs are conservative not fashion-forward. If anyone knows about the company here in the States it's because they make some of the world's best saddles. More fashion-forward but a step down in quality [as is usually the case ] is Casa Lopez. I'd say still better than Coach which isn't saying much. Most women would be happiest shopping here. Both of those web sites are rather incomplete. There's far more available in person. These Buenos Aires shops get plenty of foreign tourists, especially Japanese, who seem to be in-the-know and buy in quantity. Prices for equivalent items are about a third in dollar terms so you can save quite a bit. For example, I returned with a one-off R&C blue peccary casual jacket. It cost me about $200. I think that's what peccary gloves would run here. The savings on a small shopping spree might even pay for your vacation.