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Top 10 recommendations....

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i also posted this on the gq forum-- if you could put together a list of essential things every gentleman should have in his closet, what would they be? be specific, brand names included if possible. here is my contribution-- - a black knit/grenadine hand sewn necktie from Ben Silver, just like connery as James Bond wore with damn near everything in each of his Bond films.
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A black cashmere, bespoke blazer.
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An age appropriate list for the younger gentlemen in the forum. I really admire the guys who can look classy all the time but can pack all their clothes into one bag and move with minimal fuss. 1. Authentic vintage jeans. Old 501's are classic, but otherwise, a pair of jeans that you've worn in yourself are fine. 2. Sneakers. Chuck Taylors are good, as are Stan Smiths. But I swear by Puma's. 3. A little cheating here, but a slim white cotton shirt, and a similar shirt in a very pale blue. Gucci makes very elegant shirts, but for a real treat, get them custom made by Luigi Borrelli. 4. A slim back suit. Bespoke is best. Emporio Armani is a good choice if you don't have a trust fund. 5. A charcoal grey suit. Again, bespoke is best. Otherwise, go with a good, conservative but stylish cut from Zegna or Canali. This suit is going to be used to get you a job, remember? 6. Plain front black lace ups. Cap toes are more traditional for business, its true, but I think that plain fronts look more elegant, and besides, you're in your twenties, not your fifties. Since you only have one pair or shoes, for play or work, you may as well splurge on Prada's. Still the coolest shoe despite all the hype. 7. Cheating again here, but 3 good ties, one in a matte silver with some pattern to wear with the black suit in the evening, and one subtle paisley to wear with the charcoal suit for the businessman with a flair look, and a pindot tie to wear for those sobering job interviews. My choices would be Zegna for the paisley, Gucci for the matte silver, and Charvet for the pindot 8. A casual jacket to wear around town. Leather is nice, but is a little limited. A mid-hip length charcoal wool coat from John Varvatos can be worn over your suits or with jeans. 9. A good watch. You're not 50, so you don't need a Cartier (you have your eye on your father's anyways.) You're not a member of the Triads, so skip the diamond encrusted Rolex. In fact, since you know quality and don't need to flaunt it, skip the Rolex altogether, along with obvious brands like Omega.. But since you do have a rich uncle, ask him for an understated style from IWC. 10. A navy blue cashmere crewneck, maybe from Malo. TSE is another good choice. This is so that your girlfriend, wife, random woman at the bar, has an excuse to nuzzle up against you. 11. Okay, I've gone over the limit, but for your own edification, I suggest that you treat yourself to a funky piece by a designer like Dirk Schonberger, Martin Margiela or maybe Paul Smith or Dirty Youth of UK. It'll spice up your wardrobe, and show that you've a couple of years left to be cool.
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IWC makes some of the best watches out there, nice going, LA Guy. I don't have anything to add to the list, largely because I'm tired and busy. I must say, though, that I think every man should have a good black calf-leather wallet with a change pocket. I love the naked woman Paul Smith wallet, but for a classic try RL, Boss, Bulgari.. the list is endless. If you live in America you don't need the change pocket, but here in London tipping is in coins. --European Interloper
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Addendum: If you can't afford a great watch, or your rich uncle put all his money tech stocks at the beginning of 2000, a real Timex is better than a fake Rolex. A $50 Swatch keeps as good time as a $10000 Piaget - Quartz crystals are incredibly precise and cheap. Quality is therefore not in the timekeeping. Quality is in the design of the face and casing, the workmanship of the band. Having said that, my favorite watch is a Fossil watch I found on the street one day. I don't know where it came from. I assume that it was specially made for some reason for the Henessey company since it says "Henessey" on the face. It has a very cool band. Another addendum: After being relieved of my wallet in Las Ramblas in Barcelona a few years ago, I realized that nothing says flatfooted sucker like a billfold wallet. Since then, I have carried a simple card case which holds just three cards: my I.D., an ATM card, and a credit card. There is a strap that can hold a small number of bills. Everything else I leave at home. The holder is light, invisible to the potential pickpocket, and never breaks the line of my trousers. Very elegant, I think. Don't be a George Costanza.
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Ahh yes. I was relieved of a bespoke wallet while in Jerusalem, looking at a holy relic. When away I carry two things: a card case with, as you say, ID and credit cards, and then a gold money clip which is magnet-proof. The clip has a neat little fixture which I asked them to include which allows it to be attached to the card case. Neither are conspicous, or break the line of my trousers, even when they're ultra thin linen. --European Interloper
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Ahh LA guy, Barcelona is truly a great city. Just got back a few weeks ago, needless to say I was impressed (Gaudi, Miro, Picasso). No doubt I will return some day. As for the list I'll add two garments, also for the gentlemen in thier 20's: 1. a denim jacket. Not all will agree with me, but my personal style wouldn't be complete without my lined denim. The caramel lining is a great touch. 2. a tan or caramel suede jacket, four button with a high lapel. Just picked one up in Barcelona that was affordable and impossible to resist. -IR guy
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Superb lists, gentlemen:  in fact, you've taken most of the items I'd put on my Top Ten, especially regarding the suits (i.e. the charcoal pinstripe, the slim black suit- by the way, flat-front trousers are key with that; for designers, try Gucci, though mine is a much less expensive Boss Hugo Boss).  I don't want to repeat what's already been said, but allow me to emphasize a couple of those items, and add a few more: - the jeans are essential, and as far as I'm concerned only two varieties are requirements:  indigo (try Helmut Lang or 501's) and faded/worn/beaten-up (Diesel) - basic khakis- when done right- can be more stylish than you think, and are a staple.  Bills Khakis makes the best.  Only get 'em w/flat-front and never cuffed. -black, well-shined lace-ups are essentials- whether you get cap-toe or plain-toe, rounded or square-toe is a matter of personal preference.  Try Ferragamo or Bally or, at a different price-point, Kenneth Cole is still terrific in my book. - a few good dress shirts (white/french blue and, if in doubt, spread-collar and french-cuffed are the way to go) and ties (the solid black is your choice if you can only have one, but a number of solids/small patterns/diagonal striped rep ties will round things out nicely-  by the way, I think solid ties seem to be either overlooked or get a bum rap in this forum; when done correctly, no ties are more versatile or stylish) - old-school sneakers (my first choice are Adidas shelltoe Superstars) - good underwear (cotton boxers by Calvin Klein, white t-shirts by 2(x)ist).  Because you never know where (or with whom) you might be removing your clothes, those stained, ripped boxers should be chucked and replaced immediately. - a black cashmere turtleneck (try Loro Piana or Malo; I also have a nice version by Hugo Boss).  Arguably the most versatile piece in a man's wardrobe, flattering to any guy who wears it.  Goes with jeans, any style of suit, khakis, gray wool trousers, you name it) -at least one good coat/jacket/outerwear piece.  Whether its a black cashmere overcoat or a tan Burberry trench or a navy peacoat or something else is up to you (or to the weather in the city where you live), but one stylish, versatile piece is key. P.S.   I prefer Madrid (I was there a few months ago) to Barcelona.
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