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Uncle Otis - Official affiliate thread

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Hi All,

I'd like to welcome Uncle Otis ( ) and proprietor Donnell Enns to Styleforum. Donnell and I go back about 6 years or so, and he is one of the good guys of retail. Uncle Otis is one of the original high end streetwear stores in Canada, opened since since 1991 in Toronto's Yorkville area.

I visit pretty much every time I am in Toronto. The store has a very laidback feel, a really nice contrast to the intense energy high fashion stores in the Yorkville area, and the brand mix is an interesting departure from the usual (I've listed his brands below).

There is a coupon for 10% off regularly priced goods for styleforum members using the code “styleforum”.

Some brands carried:

Canada Goose Japan and Ltd Edt
Dr. Denim
Helmet of the Will
Indigo Farm
James Perse
Levis Cap E
Mosley Tribes
Nixon Elite
Public School
Reigning Champ
Rogues Gallery
Rokin Shoes
Surface to Air Paris
Stussy DLX
Tsovet watches (these are great).
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I should add that there is an ongoing sale, and that prices are in $CDN, so take advantage of that. Some really good deals right now, and the markups are pretty decent.
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From what I've seen on their site, they appear to have a good selection. I'll hopefully be checking them out in the future.
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Donnell is a super cool guy and it was great hanging with him back in January. I really wish him the best on joining us and I'm glad to see a stocklist that fills some gaps on this forum.
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+1 on the join. Great to see a Reigning Champ reseller added to the forums. Thanks LA Guy!
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I met Donnell a couple of years ago on a trip to Toronto. Super cool dude.
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just got a couple of reigning champ items
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Donnell is a great guy. I dealt with him a couple years back to get a W+H duffle shipped to Calgary.
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Loomstate doesn't seem to get much talk on here (that I've noticed, at least), so let me say that I'm wearing this today and it's insanely comfortable...and that this is one of my favourite shirts that I own.
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The Reigning Champ peacoats are a great buy, imo, especially on sale, and work into spring. Good details like leather trimmed pockets and heavyweight fleece (they feel more substantial than the Wings+Horns outerwear from FW08. The sizing is considerably larger than Wings+Horns - so size down one from your Wings+Horns size.

I am usually more men's contemporary (i.e. hypester) than refined street, but a Reigning Champ peacoat with a button down, a Tsovet watch, and Redwings is a really cool crossover outfit, imo.
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Really wish those Red Wings had more sizes
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+1. Never knew they carried BBlessing. Will have to drop by next time I'm downtown
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Hey style forum members, glad to see there are some recognizers out there!

Yes, it's about time we got ourselves on here, but we're on now!

Hit me up anytime if you have any q's.

FYI, we always have more in store than what's posted on the site, so call us if you're curious..

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Now free shipping on orders $200 or more! And don't forget 10% off for style forum boys - code "styleforum"
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Oops, i mean on orders $100 or more! Even better! But for a limited time only. And that applies for Canadian and American shipping..
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