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Oxxford Manhattan ll N2 model?

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Can anyone provide any info on the oxxford "Manhattan ll N2 model" and on this ebay auction in general.  800 bucks Thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....45&rd=1
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Yes, you would have to ask, since this seller posts the worst photographed auctions on Ebay. As for your question, sorry I can't help.
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I've got a Manhattan N2, but I think mine (also from e-bay) is newer--the button stance is slightly higher. The cut is fairly full, similar to a Brooks Bros., although the armholes are placed higher, as with other Oxxfords. Fully canvased. That would seem to be a pretty fair price for NWT.
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Looks like a fairly recent model. Do you want a lightweight wool? $800 is a "fair" price, but anyone of us here in Boston would be happy to pick you up a Manhattan 2 from FB for $830 (after taxes) during one of the sales they always have, and you'd have a pretty broad range of fabric choices (and our discerning eyes and fingers to pick you out your fabric of choice). Only difference would be the pants would be unlined.
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$800 is a pretty solid price for a NWT Oxxford at a retail store, but not so much on eBay barring exceptional circumstances. My observations is that the seller tends to start his auctions at a price significantly higher than the relative norm, as if to see if he can get an bite here and there to score big, but as you can see from his history, most of his stuff doesn't sell the first few rounds and ends up going for much less, especially when he starts it lower to let the market bid it up. There's a good chance you could get this suit for ~$600 in two weeks or so, though if you're particularly attached to it or need it now that's another story.
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I agree with that wholeheartedly. I think that if he put this upon the open market (meaning, started it at a low price and saw where the bidding took it), he's get about $500 for it. Also, the shoulders are going to measure about 18.75" -- he mismeasured them IMO.
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Looks like someone thought $1,000 was a good price.
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thanks all for the suggestions. I was interested only because of the size, 41 Long as the 42 shoulder is too large and the 40 is too small. Looks like someone else like the price...lol
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