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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
He is going to have to rethink some of them, because from his list I like the following:
Any green that isn't dark green
Uncoventional shoe formats and details
Gusset loafers (these deserve special mention)
Patterned linen pocket squares
Actually, pretty much all linen pocket squares that aren't white
Rounded barrel cuffs
Non-blue, non-white, non-ecru shirts
Tie space
Light tan shoes

What is your opinion of vested suits, iammatt?
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Brunello Cucinelli
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6x1 DBs 4x1 DBs
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Tweed ...I do hate tweed with a vengeance...
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Originally Posted by lasbar View Post
Tweed ...I do hate tweed with a vengeance...
You, my friend, are the devil.
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I think we have a winner.
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1)Obsessing over "hand-work" - mainly on shirts, but this also applies to other items as well
3)The multitude of posters on here that abhor color of any kind.
4)Anything produced by Allen-Edmonds
5)SF groupthink re: a few brands, namely C&J, WW Chan, and CEGO.
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It seems that I'm the only one that actually loves gusset loafers. To me it's the perfect shoe. Great with both denim and a suit. I own two pairs, and I'm looking for a third, but it seems that it's the hardest kind of shoe to find. Now I realise why. The only ones posted here, that I find to my liking, are the John Lobb Edward, but they are extremely expensive, at least for me.
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Among other things, I hate:

patchwork anything (e.g., madras)

novelty anything. (e.g., Hermes ties, Vineyard Vines ties, ties with doggies on them, pants with embroidered motifs)
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I hate:

- purple

- wholecuts

- knit ties

- loud colored socks with suits

- one button suit jackets

- silk pocket squares

- linen pocket squares with colored borders

- contrast collar dress shirts

- peak lapel single breasted jackets

- suits with fancy-colored pinstripes

- black or navy trench coats
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
I think we have a winner.

+1. End Thread.
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+1 to wholecuts

I don't mind SB trenches, but don't like DBs. How can I help you, Mr. Ness?
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2 inch cuffs
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I've warmed up to a lot of things since reading this forum. My list would've been a lot longer 6 months ago. But I'm still hating on: - knit ties - pinstripe suits - cuffs on trousers, period - long cuffs on jeans - wingtip boots - dress shoes/boots with a very round toe (think Tricker's... + wingtips = *gag*) - boat shoes (although I'm slowly warming up to these) - monkstraps (metal + shoes = *gag*)
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The Apparel Arts drawings

G&G shoes

Sweater vests
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