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Who are you? Benjamin Button??
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The ladies do tell me I share Mr. Pitt's charm, looks and winning smile.

Or maybe they're just attracted to my sportcoats.
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People who think there are other types of materials to make shoes with besides Shell!!
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Originally Posted by Kei-bon View Post

so many things to second, but especially flashy socks and patchwork madras.

oh, and those high-necked, zip-front sweaters under sport coats that are all the rage in Men's Ex. i feel constrained just looking at them.

LOL, I wore a patchwork madra shirt today! It's bright, it's loud but it goes well with dark denim. What do you expect from a guy who wears flourescent orange or green T shirts anyway?
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do not dig:

- loafers
- tassled shoes of any kind
- shoes that extend 1" or more beyond the big toe
- wearing shoes without socks
- ruffled pocket squares
- super skinny jacket lapels
- cutaway collars
- mens' jewelry beyond watch & wedding band
- black socks for anything other than formal or funeral
- pants that are hemmed short enough to view socks while remaining stationary
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Originally Posted by Busa Dave View Post
People who think there are other types of materials to make shoes with besides Shell!!

Like this?
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Budapesters...look fine if you're Herman Munster or Frankenstein, otherwise, let the flaming begin...
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
I never hated those things. I just don't and won't wear them; it is not inconceivable that I might one day.

But I'm done resting. I also hate:

Moonphase indicators
Anything grey if it's not made out of wool or some other hairy substance
Socks that match trousers or shoes
Khaki socks with khakis in particular
Fancy patterned socks
Pocket watches
Patterned trousers
Shiny belts
Watches with wide bezels
Watches with skinny lugs
Watches with fancy lugs
Shiny crocodile or alligator
Lizard skin
Pronounced pick-stitching on lapels
Scalloped headlights or headlights with more than four sides
Collar points that show with a jacket on
Colors you wouldn't see in a J. Press catalogue
Single-dimpled ties
Ties without dimples
Wholecut shoes without medallions
Unconventional medallions
Nearly all RTW John Lobb shoes
Shiny scotch-grain cordovan
Thin-rimmed or rimless glasses
Metal-framed glasses
Titanium wedding bands

I know folks of certain religions which follow the lunar calendar to favor those because it helps them fulfill their "religious obligations".
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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post
Sportscoats and blazers that don't match the pants (double hate if they are chinos, triple if it's a naval blazer).

Eh. I find blazers/sport coats/odd jackets + khakis/slacks to be one of the best things ever. So much flexibility and freedom while looking dressy and good.
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Originally Posted by bluemax View Post
I've warmed up to a lot of things since reading this forum. My list would've been a lot longer 6 months ago.

But I'm still hating on:
- knit ties
- pinstripe suits
- cuffs on trousers, period
- long cuffs on jeans
- wingtip boots
- dress shoes/boots with a very round toe (think Tricker's... + wingtips = *gag*)
- boat shoes (although I'm slowly warming up to these)
- monkstraps (metal + shoes = *gag*)

I used to be question knit ties until I saw some kickass combos that Phat Guido pulled off. That rather inspired me to try them, and so far, it's been great!
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IMO it doesn't look dressy. A suit looks dressy. Sportscoats and khakis look mis-matched and fuddly-duddly.

Exception might be a sportscoat with jeans and a casual shirt, but not with khakis. Actually, the more I think about it maybe it's just the khakis bit I really loathe?

Flay me alive!
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I used to hate many more things than I hate now. I almost don't feel bitter enough anymore. Also, your idea that people shouldn't wear sportcoats is retarded. Really stupid. Whew, now I feel better.
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Great, anothter one...

Does this mean I win as my opinion is the most unpopular? Good thing I'm right though.
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