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Pics of my father's shoe collection

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Went to visit the old homestead, thought I'd take a shapshot of the Old Man's closet. Edward Green, Edwardian antique, 202 last Grenson, wholecut with medallion Grenson Stowe Grenson pebblegrain plaintoe Grenson tassle loafer Grenson linen spectator Grenson suede slip on Alden shell cordovan lace-up Alden shell cordovan plain-toe Polo shell cordovan brogue Bruno Magli alligator lace-ups Cole Haan crocodile lace-ups Giorgio Palm Beach loafers Giorgio Palm Beach tassle loafers Bally brown suede Moreschi lace-ups Johnston and Murphy, 25-years old and going strong Various others Hope you liked them
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A nice little selection of shoes there. Thanks for posting pic's of them [l enjoyed looking at them]. How about a picture of all your shoes Zach. You must have some good ones as well. lt's good to see shoes trees in most of them as well.
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Your father has a very nice shoe collection.
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Very, very nice. The most important thing - is dad the same size as you?
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a little smaller
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a little smaller  
Nothing a little Cinderella tactics can't solve.
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The Alden cordovan is my favorite.
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I vote for the Grenson
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l'm very impressed with the Johnston & Murphy shoe. 25 years old, WOW. ls it the famous J&M Handmade Aristocrat?
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Zach: l want to send you a private message. Your email is still disconnected. Can l send a MSG message? Regards, Ron.
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Marc, from what I know my messenger is working fine. I'll send you one right now.
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Zack: l send a private message to you earlier via MSG. l hope you recieved it. Anyway, the shoes arrived today. l am happy with them evevthough they are alittle tight. (They should stretch like my other Grensons hopefully). Hopefully you get my privater message. lf you do. please ackowedge that. Your a good shoo dealer. l never doughted you; you seem too much of a good bloke to do the wrong thing. lf you mislead people on this forum, you would be dead in no time. You would be an outcast. l alaways belioeved your honesty but l thought you may have send it to the wrong address. Afterakll, l took many more weeks tha usual to recieve the shoes. l am paraniod sometimes. Please fgrogibve me/ . lt takes alot of time to trust strangers hopwebver l trust you fully now. Anyway,
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duplicate post
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Don't let Zack's previous criminal history worry you -- he is a reformed and honest citizen now. (kidding of course). I think this board has remarkably honest members and would not hesitate to trust any regular poster.
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Funny enough, l have absolutely no memory of writting that. Sorry Zach, l should have written it privately.
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