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real zegna?

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Can someone tell me whether this sport jacket is the real thing? It's selling for US$400. I am a little unsure about the tag on the inside of the jacket. The tags on my zegna suits seems to be sewn on differently. http://images.auctionworks.com/fullVie....mg=http Any help would be much appreciated.
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Looks good to me.
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Looks good. But beware the counterfeits from German sellers. Even saw the identical ad copy of a German counterfeit seller under user name of a Canadian seller. I just got a perfectly legit, new Zegna jacket on eBay for $215. Had come from Off 5th Ave. So, $400 for a real jacket is not out of line. One thing to check (and I saw this on one of the counterfeit suits) is the inside mfg's tag. On this counterfeit suit, it was clearly a photocopy with "Ermengildo Zena Boutique" typed into blank space at bottom of label. Also got a new Zegna Navy Su Misura suit for $200 from eBay and that was from Last Call. Seller really didn't market it properly and it really should have gone for more. So, bargains in legit Zegna's can be found, and being one very fond of the styling, cut, fabrics, fit, feel and durability of Zegna's, I'm always on the lookout... Ned Soltz
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Thanks for your help.
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Looks fake. The stitch used for my E-Z labels doesn't look like the stitch in the pic.
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