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Whats happen to savile row

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Hi all, I have been a Savile Row Tailor for over 20 years. In the last 5 years, half of the row has become readymade shops, something no one wants. Yet more people are having suits made, so why??? I worked for Anderson & Sheppard (A&S) - (30 savile row) 21 years ago, and was more than happy to say I started my working life with them. Today I see some work that comes from them, my friends it's NOT GOOD a sad day for all. As I Travel to the USA 5 times a year, I hear more and more stories about BAD tailoring, is this because we have lost the plot? No it is because young tailors or people calling themselves tailors having no or little skills. When I was taught my trade over 20 years ago it was with an old Irish Gentleman (Pat) who learnt from his father, I believe that we where one of the last true apprentices in savile row to learn the way savile row was meant to be taught . Today I have been looking for over 2 years to find an apprentice to pass on what I have learnt from my friend and mentor Pat Darren
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I've no idea. In fact, I'm quite lost as to the difference between a suit sewn in Savile Row and a suit made by any other tailor who's genuine enough to cut the individual pattern, use a canvas, and take measurements of the customer's body.
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Have you found the apprentice yet, Darren?
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