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Lucas's four year old mentality regarding the prequels: "Gee, if people like a princes... they'll love a QUEEN." "And if they bought that a senator could be 19-20 years old, then they'll buy it that the leader will be FOURTEEN.. Yes, I'm a genius." "If people loved cute, bumbling Ewoks. God, they're gonna LOOOVE the bumbling, idiotic Gungans." "Boy, if people love a single-blade lightsaber, they'll love a double-blade lightsaber. Heck. Let's give them four blades at once." "Boy, if people love a cyborg villain with a cape and breathing problem, then they'll love one who is REALLY a cyborg and hacking up his non-existent lungs. He'll be a badder-ass than that putz Vader. MUWHAHAHAHA... FANS EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT...." (all the while he's masturbating to all the CGI effect scenes) koji
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Luke was holding his own against a parapalegic Anakin in a black suit.
You mean after he got his hand chopped off by said paraplegic, right? Yeah man fighting cripples really makes you a badass. Actually we can keep shooting back and forth but we're never going to agree. Holy hell did George Lucas steal your mother? Have fun burning your George Lucas effigies, I'm going to relax and remember that it was just a damn movie.
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That's the whole point, Lucas, in his muddled, addled and bloated brain, think he's constructed masterpieces. It's very offensive. koji
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"There's always a bigger fish." A bigger fish eats the fish that was trying to eat them. Qui-Gon should be wiser than this. Can't he see the fault in his logic? How can there always be a bigger fish? I think a more accurate line would be: "There's usually a bigger fish." It's a lot like God making a boulder so heavy that he couldn't lift it. I think Qui-Gon's statement will one day be the focus of a great deal of University philosophical debate.
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That's the whole point, Lucas, in his muddled, addled and bloated brain, think he's constructed masterpieces.  It's very offensive.
Your only recourse now is to hike over to Skywalker Ranch with a keyboard that shoots swords out of the front like the guzheng in Kung Fu Hustle, and play George Lucas one of your songs. Edit: Figured out what the thing was called
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Kung Fu Hustle was ten times the money any of the prequels was, btw. koji
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New dialogue for the Extra special Edition DVD version of Ep IV: Luke: I wish I'd known him. Obi-wan: He was the best pod racer on tatooine, and a lucky fighter. And he was a good friend after he was no longer my apprentice. Luke: How did my father die? Obi-wan: When your father became evil, I confronted him and left him to be consumed by liquid hot lava on Mustafar. Which reminds me - I took this from your father's smouldering corpse... if he wasn't evil and immolated, he would have wanted you to have this when you were old enough but your uncle wouldn't allow it. koji
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i hiked 200 miles through the jungle with this hidden in my ass...
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Or perhaps this: koji
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Koji, Actually there is precedence for R2 being a badass. I re-watched the original trilogy (well the SE DVDs) and R2 does zap people - well, aliens - on multiple occasions in the 2nd and 3rd movies. He also shoots luke's lightsaber into the air for him to catch when he's about to be executed by Jabba.
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He doesn't fly around and he certainly doesn't single-handedly destroy droidekas with some heinous flamethrower (and why would droids be affected by fire anyway). koji
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What I'd like to know is why Luke throws away his lightsaber in Episode VI like that's what's being a Jedi is all about. In Episodes I - III, the Jedi turn their lightsabers on first and ask questions later. In Episode VI, all of a sudden Luke has to be Gandhi? WTF?
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total crap!
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The real disappointment of Episode III is that the whole saga hinges on Anakin's moment of temptation. And Lucas totally blows it. It is not believable and conveys no real sense of tragic undoing. As such, it is the 13th note being struck by the clock. It casts everything else about the stories into doubt. If Lucas has so little pathos in him that he can not construct a plausible tale of hubris, temptation and betrayal out of the material he has, the whole thing falls apart and looks worse in retrospect than it did when you could still hope that somehow this story at the heart of everything would vindicate the series. It didn't help that Hayden was a callow, obnoxious kid. But Lucas's writing is the real failure.
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