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Does anyone know the connection between Breitling and Britix? Saw this watch on ebay and thought it looked pretty sharp, but i'm not sure what I would be getting. Any thoughts/opinions? Thanks DPD watch
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I have never heard of Britix, and as far as I know Breitling has produced all its watches under its own moniker. Yes, they have co-developed modules and movements with other brands, but I have not seen a co-branded Breitling (unlike Tiffany & Co. Rolex or AP Cartier) Jon.
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At one time Breitling had a "junior brand" (a la Tudor) called Merit. But this was at least 30 years ago.
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Breitling used to have three levels of watches. One was Britix, which was Breitling's third tier, entry level watch.
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