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Congratulations Koji!

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Koji graduated today from The Julliard School today, lets all congratulate him on receiving his Doctorate. Now all he has to do is find a job (or move to France, whichever comes first). Jon.
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Now that's a milestone Congratulations Koji.
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Congrats Koji.. I heard on the radio on the way to work today that Julliard's commencement ceremonies were today and they are also kicking off a centennial celebration.
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Congratulations. Don't get all haughty and stop posting. B
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Conrats. Doctor, my foot's been hurting. Will you take a look at it?
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as they say in Jamaica - Big Up, mon.
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Congrats Koji...
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That is a major accomplishment Koji, in anybody's book. Congratulations.
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julliard...that's a cooking school, right?
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Thanks a lot guys; appreciate it. koji
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Congratulations indeed. Hope your breaths are easier and your step lighter. Regards, Huntsman
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Koji, I'll buy you a drink after your Wigmore Hall debut.
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My felicitations.
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