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I just wish I'd tried on the Weston's when I was in Sky Valet last week. Without having tried them on, I'm out.
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I spoke with the Weston store today.  The shoes are older models 5-10 years old with nothing from the current selection.  The salesman indicated there would be a wide range of sizes and models.  I asked if he could fax me a list of the shoes and he stated no such list exists, and that he "expected a line of people around the block" as he'd received so many phone calls. No doubt from folks like me, from the SF.
With the more "classic" shoes, why would it matter if they are 5-10 years old? Lines around the block, looks like I should get there before 9am. I guess the wife and I should not enjoy the vino too much the night before so I can be up and about.
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   * Men's shoes $99 to $295, regular $495 to $995
They raised the price by $50 even before the sale starts..??  It's all your fault (me included), you guys kept calling them, with that much interest generated they raised the price. The shop is not that big with not much display space, I can't imagine they can accommadate more than 10 customers at a time,
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Maybe we should ask for the thread to be deleted to keep the interest down... I'd love to pick up a new, pristine pair of their demi-chasse but evidently that's not gonna happen. 5-10 years seems kind of old to me--I think I'll content myself with loot from the PS sale.
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I will be there bright and early, anyone else going to be there before 10am ?
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i will be there bright and early, but am keeping my expectation low in terms of the selection and quality, esp after the paul stuart sale.
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Seok What do you look like/what will you be wearing ? I will keep an eye out for you.
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redtree, it'll be striped linen shirt, light denim pants, and gray casual shoes. 6' tall, short hair.
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Will look for you. I am 6'2" greying hair, will be wearing checked linen shirt, jeans and tan double soled Alden shoes.
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I just called them, and they can't do any purchase over the phone. I wish someone could help me pick up a pair of loafers or hunt derby or chelsea boots.... and Koji isn't being too helpful today. Now, what could possibly make Koji miss a Weston shoe sale? You've got to tell me about this new girl ...
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I skipped it. but am curious to know what I missed LOL...
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Well the scene wasn't good for those of us needing 13's.  I did pick up a pair of "Double Stitched Wing Tip Black Boxcalf" in black.  For the guys with smaller sizes looks like it was a good score, boots, monks, etc.   The only thing in 13 was the pair I purchased and some blue suede loafers.  I wished I would have read this thread again before going, based on description I think Redtree picked up the blue loafers.  According to one of the sales guys there they may be having another sale later on this year. Contrary to the ad, they did not have belts, ties or otherwise, just men's and women's shoes.  Most of the shoes are priced at $295.00. For those of you there, I was the guy with the short sleeve blue t-shirt on, glasses, jeans and loafers. Here is a picture of the shoes I picked up.
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I got there around 8:45am and I was the 1st in line, by 10am there were around 25 people waiting in the roasting sun (90 degrees today in nyc). Nice turnout for forum members, I met norcal and dah and a few lurkers in the 1st wave of people let in to the store (~12 people as the store is tiny). Not a great sale price wise, all the shoes were $295 there were some slides and slipons for less. The store was cleared out of all the non sale shoes, the sale shoes were in shoe boxes lined up against the walls in large cardboard boxes warehouse style. As cloud9 wrote, I found 2 pair in my size, the black wingtip pictured above and a navy suede classic penny loafer. I don't care for black shoes so all I bought were the penny loafers. Norcal was trying on a nice pair of brown captoes, don't know if they fit him as the sizing is insane, I wear a 14 in most brands and the Weston 12 loafer fit perfectly while the 13 wingtip was a little snug. (Must be a french conspiracy). I saw some nice boots with rubber soles, decent looking derbies and a few standard looking oxfords, nothing really odd looking except for the slides and sandals and basic colors except for the suede loafers and overall a large assortment of sizes. I would not be surprised if they mark down the shoes later on in the day as the pricing is really nothing great. Any idea as to what the regular prices would be on the suede classic loafer ? Norcal had on a sharp looking pair of shoes, Lidford's (sp?), he has very nice taste in shoes and was nice enough to convince me (with help from dah) to get the blue loafers as I was not sure on what I could wear them with.
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Never mind...
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How much are the loafers?
$295 like everything else but the metro slides and sandals
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