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JM Weston Sample Sale

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J.M. Weston - Luxury Footwear Sample Sale Shop the finest handmade, quality footwear for men and women at the first ever J.M. Weston sample sale where prices are wholesale and below. J.M. Weston has created luxury footwear for men and women since 1891 and is renown throughout the world. J.M. Weston is the only master shoemaker that owns its leather sole tannery and makes its own soles. The company specializes in classic, traditional footwear, especially different widths. Men's sizes 6 1/2-14, and women's sizes 5-10, D and E are available, including rubber soles and leather soles. Men's shoes are priced from $149-$249, retailing at $395-$995. Women's shoes are priced $99. Men's ties are $30 to $140. Socks are now $15, retailing at $40. Event Begins: 6/5/2005 Event Ends: 6/5/2005 Event Times: Sun 10am-5pm Location: 812 Madison Ave (Corner of 68th St.) New York, NY 10021 (212) 535-2100 Payment Type: Cash / Charge What's that? You're willing to pick up a pair for me? Thanks.
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I'll camp out there the night before.
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Wow, you'd do that just for me?
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O.M.G. I need a divorce lawyer.
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Last day of college reunion 90 miles away . . . sooooooo tempting.
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AC, Mussel has apparently volunteered to camp out for us and take orders. So there is no need to make a special trip to NYC.
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I'm there.
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Shoes are the one thing I don't like to buy sight unseen, due to peculiarities of fit, unless I am familiar with the last.  Any guesses whether this sample sale will be closer to the Paul Stuart sale (goldmine) or the Hickey-Freeman sale (disappointment)?
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I might have to make it to NY for the weekend.  GF has reunion and will be out of town and I will be on my own.   Jsut realized this is at their store on a Sunday...interesting. Do you think these could be Boston's samples?
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How bout the Santoni sample sale - anybody know when it was/is going to be??
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How about a St Crispin's sample sale? Sigh...
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Im stuck in Africa then. Anyone willing to go? I'll pay upfront.
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How about a St Crispin's sample sale?
ROFL, yeah no shit.
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A. Harris, sadly it doesn't look like there will be a Santoni sample sale this year They had one last March and when I inquired this March about one I was told by my salesman at Santoni that they are no longer getting large amounts of samples from Italy and they were handling samples on an individual bases for "very good customers" at 5 pairs of Fatte a Mano's and 4 pairs of regular Santoni's I did not qualify to added to the list of "very good customers" I called the headquaters in NJ to verify and they confirmed no sample sale this year... An e-mail to Italy went unanswered...All well, it was good while it lasted.
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I will be there for sure and I am willing to scope out for other members. Only caveat is I scope my size out first.
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