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@Epaulet - jacket arrived lightning fast. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly! Many many apologies for such a truly low quality photo:

So Mike was pretty generous in describing my dimensions. I have pretty sloped shoulders and short arms. The tailors across the street were able to do an amazing job. Pretty sure the sleeve could still be shortened from the cuff a bit more if need be. Going to have the jacket pressed and hopefully Mike can take some better pics on Saturday. It's really a fantastic piece at the price point. Fabric and construction are all great. Very happy with the fit. OTR is really tough for me so this is a great addition to the Epaulet line up.
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any other color options than khaki in the lightweight twill pant?

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Anyone have pictures of Southwick EFF suits?

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Thanks for the feedback regarding collars; I definitely feel more at ease with the artisan. I also like the look of the trad that Duke posted, so that's something else to consider. Now that I have some resolution on the shirt front, I need to figure out what cut to go for in trousers.

Thanks again,
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Hey guys, if any of you decided not to keep your unfinished horsehide tennis trainer in US8, please let me know! Thanks!!

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Quick and dirty fit pic of the Mocha wool-silk (I think that's what it was called) from the most recent Southwick EFF:

Really happy with the could probably be another half inch longer, but this is already an XL length, so I'm not sure how much longer Southwick could have made it. Also I need to get the sleeves shortened just a tad and maybe nip the waist very minimally, if at all.

Here's a better close-up shot of the fabric:

Still waiting for the Firenze guncheck, hopefully that one comes soon too!
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love the whole look. trousers are a great fit as well

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I agree that's a great fit. I probably wouldn't change a thing on the sportcoat based on three pics.
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^ Without seeing Tricky's comment first, I was going to also write that I wouldn't change much if anything on that.  Great fit, great fabric.

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Moss duck canvas and loden green CXL belt today.


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I remember looking at that mocha fabric and thinking it would make a wonderful sport coat, but it's even nicer than expected! Fit looks great too.
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Got an update on the Massdrop trainers?

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Arrived to the office today, so needed to do a quick footwear change. feeling fresh af right now. Channeling some Tom Hanks from "Big"
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No reason not to cruise the office the rest of the afternoon in those.... 

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@Epaulet Sorry to bother when you're busy w/ the move, but what do you think - would the Stone Cross-Hatch be redundant for someone that already has the Khaki or is there enough difference in the shades to justify having both?

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