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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

All white leather. So fresh. So clean. So crispy.

So true.
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Originally Posted by Don L View Post

 That fit is so good it hurts.  Love the pants with a bit of savoir flare fistbump.gif

"Savoir flare" fistbump.gif
Originally Posted by lifeinabox View Post

Frank, out of all your many great outfits, this is one of the best.  So timeless and effortless.

Originally Posted by Epaulet View Post

I also want to call this out as one of the best fits I've ever seen on this site or anywhere. Bravo! @FrankCowperwood

Aw shucks... And thanks! There was plenty of more EP for the trip too: Khyber cloth Rudys, stormcloud Taylors, white chambray ocbd and Individualized popover. This photo most lent itself to posting.

And I love the shoes.
Originally Posted by barlos View Post

I must have looked rather carefully to notice you're around the corner from Campo de'Fiori. Enjoy Roma.

If you're staying at Albergo Sole, I recommend pastries at Pasticceria di Bellis. Exit the hotel, make a right, keep right towards the church (San Andrea delle Valle), pastry shop is on your right. 

You are correct sir! I stayed in the Albergo Sole years ago on a college foreign study program and was revisiting the old neighborhood. Remarkable to see several of the shops I remember are still there. Heard there's a guy doing custom with with Africa print cloth right there too but didn't get to visit (spoiler: I like colors and patterns smile.gif)

Thanks for the pasticceria tip! Always welcome. Standards for food, general quality of life (ok I wasn't trying to get anywhere in traffic or navigate any bureaucracy...) are so high in Rome. Beautiful place.
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Khyber Cloth so good. Just noticed that the 1894, formerly known as "Pale Yellow," has been renamed to "Vanilla Bean" two years later. Still my favorite off-white cloth and pant makeup. 

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The pair I wore is the vanilla bean! Great color.
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Originally Posted by avsmusic1 View Post

I vote two tone - I've never understood the all white sneaker thing (though I know I'm the odd one on that)

I'm with you. I think some folks can pull off the all white look (tan/dark complexion) but for pasty folks like me at the beginning of the summer - I dunno.
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Originally Posted by SherifEnt View Post

So pissed off at myself. I hesitated on pulling the trigger on the stream milk EFF. Now it's sold out. Lesson learned will not let that happen again.


I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who bought this fabric before I went back for yet another Gable.  My tuxedo and self-employment fund thank you. :rotflmao: 

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What are the details for the Walt short again? Is it literally the Walt trousers, but with a 9" inseam? I see pictures of the Match short that explain it well enough.
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missed the air force blue...should I go for Iron Olive Melange or the Feldmaus Brown for versatility with m jackets/sports coat?
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I'm considering going all out; I'm packing a bag to get away for the weekend, and in a shocking discovery, realize I don't have any "vacation" casual shoes. I'm not packing chinos and bluchers - I'm packing shorts and... a pair of beat up Toms.

In a fit of SF-rage, I go to EP and look at sneakers available in a US12.

Guys, for real. Do I go with the Delancey High in Oxblood/Cognac, or the Full Court in Garnet?

I'm going to wear these w/ shorts in the heat. There's no way getting around that, despite my wife's protests. And then through F/W w/ tapered sweatpants. Call it a brief departure into athleisure.

The brown tones won't be as much of a departure from my typical pallete, but that straight red makeup is so bold. Opinions?

EDIT: The deed is done. Went w/ the Delanceys. Smooth texture won out over the grain.
Edited by El Argentino - 6/17/16 at 1:36am
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Nice pickup. I would have gone with Delancy as well.
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Delancy would be my pick too
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Originally Posted by tv2177 View Post

missed the air force blue...should I go for Iron Olive Melange or the Feldmaus Brown for versatility with m jackets/sports coat?

For total versatility Feldmaus.  But if you have browns already the iron olive is pretty wearable IMO.  Would go great with blue, brown, camel, or grey jackets.  Green pants are pretty easily worn IMO, and this really isn't an in your face green.


This is my debate also, these 2 colours.  Don't really see the Iron Olive offered everyday as an OTR item.

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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

Perhaps an odd question, but in-line w/ SF-brand paranoia:

Mike, was going through our coat closet yesterday evening and saw my Mulberry and Thorpe jackets hanging up. I longed for cooler days where I could throw them on and trot around town. Then I went back to conditioning my shoes. It hit me - should l be looking to condition my EP leather jackets via Lexol or whatever the same way we're all hypersensitive about our shoes?

nobody responded w a recc i guess, so i'll weigh in. i condition my (non-ep) leather jackets once a year or so, with case-by-case conditioning if something particularly rough happens, like if a lamb jacket goes through a torrential rainstorm. i believe the mullberry and thorpe are both calf, so probably once a year is fine unless you are really beating them to death, and it doesn't sound like that's what's up.

for conditioner, i use lexol on my normal jackets (calf, lamb) but obernauf's lp on one particularly water-absorbing jacket i've got. w lexol, i apply a little to an area and rub around briefly with a cloth. once i've covered the whole jacket, i rub briefly with a new cloth to absorb any extra lexol and hang up overnight.
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I would love to see the Delancey being worn in the wild. I have them in all white and they are a great shoe but idk if I can see them with the 2 colors
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Any updates on the hats you mentioned awhile ago? If they're still being made, are you only doing suede? A plain chambray would be awesome - doesn't seem like anyone makes them.
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