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so....who wants to proxy on Saturday for a brother?!?icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Really curious what will be on sample/clearance. Will drive up from philly on Saturday for some good deals.
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Originally Posted by TO Tie Guy View Post

so....who wants to proxy on Saturday for a brother?!?icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Samesies haha
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With all the excitement that going on, Oakstreetbootmakers just released a pair of really nice wingtips featuring calfskin from d'Annonay...

Then i remembered the EP gyw line that is approaching and the idea of an EP alt wein and shortwing with d'Annonay leather.

Really excited for the things to come!

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<3 shortwings and yet they seem to get no love from SF at large

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Jeez, shops on Smith Street are shutting down left and right. Very sorry to hear about the Brooklyn location closing. Been frequenting it for years. Lovely location and always had a terrific experience there. It will be missed.

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Hey guys, apologies for the late check-in, I've been running around all day. So as you can see, big changes are afoot here at Epaulet! 


Let me run down everything from our side, and please feel free to ask any questions that you have. I'm certainly anxious and running through this stuff a thousand times a day in my own mind, so I'd love to bounce around ideas and get your feedback. 


Brooklyn Store Closing

This weekend (4/16 & 4/17) will be the last two days of Epaulet Brooklyn. We’ll hold a clearance sale from 11AM to 7PM on both days and all merchandise will be price $10 to $250. They’ll be plenty of high end things like leather jackets and shoes that start with “A.” - not to mention wacko samples, overcast, and old stuff. It’s definitely worth the trip from out of town. Please note that the sale is cash only and everything is final sale with NO exceptions. 


On Sunday, our good friend Jacob from American Trench will join us with a ton of socks and outerwear - all at clearance cash-only prices as well! 


The closing is somewhat bittersweet as this is where we got our start. We opened nearly eight years ago with a somewhat questionable selection of Modern Amusement & Rogue’s Gallery merchandise, but that store blossomed into the brand that you guys know today. But with just one year left on our lease, we decided to pass the torch to a friend who’s eager to get a foothold in brick and mortar. As it’s easier to manage the business remotely when you’ve got only one location in New York and a new location in… 


Los Angeles Office Opening

No, your eyes do not deceive you. And we have not time-traveled back to 2013. Adele & I are (once again) moving to Los Angeles. But this time for real! 

As @Michigan Planner said, our online business is around 90% of our overall revenue. The stores are great, but they’re more of a showroom for the website then they are a standalone business. And it’s simply more valuable to have a presence on both coasts then to have two stores that are 15 min away from each other. Plus we’re moving here for our family. My daughter is only 2 years old, but she told me that she wants to surf. And eat better tacos. What other choice did we have!


Adele & I are moving out to Cali in July and the office is planned to open by September. When it’s up and running, this will be our main fulfillment center and a West Coast showroom. It won’t be a storefront on the ground level. This will be a comfortable place and a destination. It will be semi-open to the public, but you can always make an appointment to see merchandise in person and be sized for custom shirts, pants, suits, etc. We’ll have an open house on every Saturday (called “Studio Saturdays”) with beer and 90’s rap. Anyone can drop by to just hang out and talk shop. Right now we’re planning to have the office in the Culver City area, but that may change somewhat. 


Epaulet Europe

This is in the very early stages, but we’ve got big plans for our distributor & production. Over the next 12 weeks, you’re going to see suits, shirting and bags coming out of Portugal. Our pricing and quality on these pieces will be unmatched, but they’ll maintain the look and consistency that you’ve come to expect. We want to own the world of European entry-level biz-coz, as it’s what we do best. 


But the crucial extension is our made-to-order programs. Want a great shirt for under $100? Get a Portugal Oxford. Like the fit of that but want something special? Get a Gitman shirt. Need different specs or something really bonkers like DJA Sea Island cotton? Get an Individualized Shirt. We want to take customers on a journey, and building out our affordable basics program is the plan for how to get more people into the door. 

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studio saturdays! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Epaulet back

Congrats Mike and Adele!
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Seems like a wise business decision, but an even better life decision. Congrats!
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Back to Cali...seems like that should be a song or something

Congrats brother and best wishes. East coast will miss you guys
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Good luck out west to you guys! With a 2 year old at home too, I understand. Lucky that I happen to be out east right now and was already planning to be in Manhattan this weekend, so will hope to stop by and bid farewell to the Brooklyn shop.
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Congrats Mike and Adele on the move...again! My timing is just a little bit off, I'll be in NYC for a wedding on the weekend of May 7-8, I wish it would have been this weekend so I could hit up the Brooklyn store closing sale. And, I'm planning a trip out west in August, too early to check out the new space in LA!
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Will the BK store open on Thursday? I still have to pick up my EFF rivets, and won't be around this weekend.
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Congrats Mike! As someone who's moved cross country from SoCal to Nyc and back(and back to Nyc in the near future) good luck with the move! I'm definitely going to be in the Manhattan shop this week, but hopefully I can squeeze some time in ok the weekend to swing by the Brooklyn closing.
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